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Move over Cronut™, Meet the Oreo Zeppole

1 Oct

Oreo Zeppole at Zeppoleme in Port Chester, NY

We knew that when we first saw Zeppoleme getting ready to open that we were in for trouble.  After having eaten there many times, we just can’t get enough of their paninis…and their zeppole of course.  Normally, we won’t post about a restaurant’s food again after already writing a review, but our visit to Zeppoleme on Sunday is worthy, oh so worthy!

As if their zeppole and dipping sauces weren’t crack enough, they recently created special Oreo Zeppole.  We’re talking about freshly made zeppole mixed in with chunks of delicate Oreo (think similar flavor and texture to deep-fried Oreos).  To pull the whole dish together they serve them with a thick buttercream dipping sauce on the side.  So, as you dip the zeppole, make sure to cover only half.  That gives you 24 bites, rather than just 12.  Each zeppola is amazing, so warm, so fluffy, so moist, and so amazingly like an Oreo.  But, it’s more like Heisenberg level Oreo flavor.  The pure stuff, the real deal.  A dozen of the Oreo Zeppole is $15 (you can only buy a dozen at this point) or a regular dozen is $10 and comes with three dipping sauces of your choice.  But, are you really going to have the regular zeppole when you have the option to devour Oreo Zeppole?  

They also are planning Pumpkin Zeppole and even more special flavors that will go along with the seasons and holidays.  For more info on Zeppoleme, check out our review and their site.


Noms: 3.75

Cost:  $$

Address:  321 North Main Street

Port Chester, NY

Phone: (914) 481-5900

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Oh Dio Mio, Zeppoleme! Killer Coffee, Sandwiches, Zeppole + More in Port Chester, NY

18 Jun

Aye, paisanos, have we got a new spot for you to check out! We’re talking ’bout Zeppoleme, right on Main Street in Port Chester, walking distance from our part of Greenwich (uh oh, we’re in trouble). Ever since we saw the sign a few months ago, we’ve been dreaming about the zeppoles we’d enjoy on, oh, say EVERY Sunday morning, starting with this past Sunday when they opened up shop!

Lucky for Kristien’s parents, they just so happened to be in town when they opened…which was the perfect way to round out our weekend of gorging. See just two nights before we had taken the rents out for dinner at Bar Sugo and feasted like the good Italians we are.  But back to Zeppoleme

Immediately, we were happy to see how cute and cozy the interior is. Lots of dark wood tables and rustic tones make Zeppoleme chill, relaxing, and comfortable. Plus, if you’re feeling like it would be nice to eat outside, check out their pretty outdoor garden dining that they share with sister restaurant Nessa next door. Eh, you gonna get to the food? Psshhhh, here are the basics:

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Adorably delicious brunch with Alex from Sunday Diners! Volta, Stamford

19 May

If you haven’t been following the exciting eating adventures of Alex from Sunday Diners, you’re seriously missing out. Oh, did we mention that he’s just 10 years old?  Yep! He and his dad, James, hit up Connecticut diners and breakfast spots and write about the food, the people,  the experience, and, oh, the bathrooms…but more on that later. Always a fun read, we love seeing where “the boys” (James is a kid at heart) have gone. And, lucky ducky us got to sit in on one of their dining extravanganzas at Volta in Stamford with mom / wife Ann who runs the increasingly popular Fairfieldista. Here’s our adventure…and here’s his on Sunday Diners.



We got settled in to our table and enjoyed some nice Sunday morning conversation about the weather, places we’ve traveled, and restaurants we want to try. But soon we moved on from  the small talk and got down to the real business of the day: getting our grub on with some delicious crepes! For Alex, ordering was easy:  the Nutella crepe.   He had already been drinking up a healthy and freshly made juice concoction of carrots, apple, and ginger.  How cool is Alex drinking all his fruits and veggies…a 10 year old food blogger who is more adventurous with food than most adults.   He took out his notepad in preparation for the food arriving, then took a quick look around as if he was looking for something.   For Alex, his Dad explained, it’s not all about the food… it’s also about the bathroom! You’ll learn why soon.

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Sooo Meaty: Burger Wars Contest at Plan B

11 May

Plan B Burger Bar asks, tongue in cheek, “Can you beat our meat?”  Lolz.  But, taking things to a more serious level, we love us some burgers.  Heck, we’re even in the middle of our Burger a Day in the Month of May post.  And there, on May 11 is Plan B.  While they haven’t done anything specific for National Burger Month, they have planned quite the event for National Hamburger Day, May 28.

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Derby Day Party at Plan B Burger in Stamford has heart…and bourbon

2 May

Derby Day at Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford

Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your, er, horses.  And they’re off…well, off to Derby Day at Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford from 3-7 on May 4.  Yup yup!  You’ll be able to watch the Kentucky Derby at Plan B and get to comment on all the cool horse names such as Charming Kitten, Itsmyluckyday, Fear the Kitten, Frac Daddy, and the number one contender Black Onyx.

But, does anyone really watch the races?  Everybody knows what it’s really about:

Looking spiffy, wearing huge hats that strangely resemble ufos, dressing like a princess (or prince), and drinking lots of bourbon.  And, you’ll be happy to know that at Plan B you’ll be rewarded for your crazy hat and your daper and dressiness with contests.  There’s even going to be a raffle if you can’t find an ugly hat.  But, perhaps one of the sweetest things is that Plan B is giving back to The American Cancer Society.  You’ll be drinking bourbon anyway, so just make sure to order Four Roses straight, on the rocks, or in their mixed drinks such as their Four Roses Mint Julep.

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Bambou Asian Tapas + Bar: Not Your Typical Sushi Spot – Greenwich, CT

13 Mar

A few years ago, before we started our blog, we tried Bambou Asian Tapas & Bar in Greenwich and really enjoyed it. Now only minutes away from where we live, we decided to head back and see if things were as good as we remember.

Just looking at the menu, we were excited because of the variety of flavors and choices. The decor, too, is pretty simple and zen…relaxing. So, let’s take you through our meal and show you why Bambou just might be your next stop for unique tapas and creative sushi.

Basket of various fried sweet potatoes

Basket of various fried sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Tempura Fries with Honey Soy Dip

Awesome plating with a fry basket displaying the fries.  While the outside was crispy, the insides were raw and needed more cooking.  The dip added some sweetness and there was a slight tartness from the soy.  The darker fries were thicker and had a deeper kind of flavor. We probably wouldn’t get this again.

Perfect little dumplings

Perfect little dumplings

Veggie Dumplings

We got ours steamed, though you can get them fried if you’d like.  One of the things that we hate most about dumplings is how some Asian restaurants use a super thick, flour-y wrapper on the dumpling so all you taste is starch.  Well, they’ve got it down here at Bambou because they use nice, thin rice paper…just like they should.  Inside the dumpling were big chunks of veggies and the soy vinegar sauce for dipping was a bit tangy. Very good!

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Sixpoint Brewery Can-to-table Dinner @ Bistro 7 in Wilton

7 Mar

Sixpoint Brewery is pretty new to the Connecticut market, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming all the buzz.  We had our first taste of Sixpoint last year when we tried out around 50 different custom brews (some made with lobster, some made with oyster, even some made with saffron) for their annual Beer for Beasts event in Brooklyn.  If you’re interested, it’s going down again this year with tons of brews and food trucks on hand all to support The Humane Society of NY.

Grilled octopus at Bistro 7 in Wilton Connecticut OmNomCTBut we’re not writing today to tell you about Beer for Beasts, we’re here to let you know about a beer dinner at Bistro 7, Farm-to-Fork Restaurant + Bar in Wilton.  When we went to Bistro 7 a few months ago we really enjoyed the food and think that this will be a killer dinner.  The Spring Tasting Dinner will be on March 28 from 5-10:30 pm, will be $45 per person, and will require reservations so get on that…chop chop.

From the looks of the dishes, beer is being used in very fun, creative, and unexpected ways.  So, let’s gander at the menu:


Mussels in “Bengali” Broth, Paired with The Crisp

Mussels steamed in Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and curry broth, shallots, lime, lemon grass, organic yellow potato, organic ginger, beer buttered baguette.

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Lazy Sunday “Blunch” at Mediterraneo in Greenwich, CT

7 Feb
Bellinis and margaritas...ah, the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday ;)

Bellinis and margaritas…ah, the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday ;)

For New Year’s Eve we were looking for a great place that was close to home and would be awesome. Years ago we had been to Terra, so we thought that Mediterraneo (in the same Z Hospitality Group) might be just as good. They had great reviews, so we made our reservations. While they didn’t have a special menu, they did have their regular menu of Mediterranean (and seafood focused) fare along with a few specials. We didn’t do a review because, well, it was New Years and even we could use a day off, but overall, we had a great meal so we definitely wanted to head back… for our OmNomivores of course!

We read in the Greenwich Time that they had Sunday brunch, but when we got there we were told that was a mistake and they’ve been trying to get them to change it for months. A little disappointed, we took a look at the menu and decided to make our own little “blunch” instead. Like what we did there? What better way to start blunch than with some light alcoholic beverages and coffee? Yes, uppers and downers joining as one. Gotta love blunch. Kristien had the Mediterraneo Bellini with flavorful peach purée and a splash of grenadine. The champagne was nice and dry, contrasting nicely with the sweetness of the peach. Dan had an amazing margarita (at noon? Sure!) made with passion fruit, Jose Cuervo Gold, and Grand Marnier. Each sip made us forget that it was 40 degrees outside. As for the coffee, it was strong, just how we like it.

grilled octopus salad with blood orange

grilled octopus salad with blood orange

Because it was blunch, we could order whatever the heck we wanted. Dan started with the grilled octopus and it seemed better than on New Year’s Eve. The octopus was cooked nicely, wasn’t tough, and had grill marks that added a smoky flavor. Executive Chef Albert DeAngelis and Chef du Cuisine Daniel Rivera contrasted that with bright, slightly sweet, and tart blood orange slices. Adding more contrast in taste and texture was thinly sliced fennel. Very well done.

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Bella Nonna Brings Homestyle Italian Back to Greenwich with New Chef from Arthur Ave. – Greenwich, CT

20 Jan

The people of Greenwich…Greenwichers?…had some serious Italian food withdrawals when Bella Nonna was forced out of its spot in Cos Cob to make way for a Chase bank.  See, people loved their focus on classic Italian dishes, their affordable prices, their service, and their warm vibe.   Without a doubt, the giant chef statue that drew everybody in was a landmark that we still remember.  Well, the good news is, as you probably figured out from our title, they have reopened, and the way we found out was kind of serendipitous. We were driving through Greenwich and saw Bella Nonna on Railroad Ave. and wondered if it was the same restaurant and owners of their other spot.  And like magic, the very next day we got an e-mail from Joeilynnae, a daughter of the owners asking us if we wanted to check out a hot new restaurant.  She told us that their chef, Enzo Roppo, honed his skills in Italy and Arthur Ave, so we didn’t even need to think twice about checking it out asap.

Joeilynnae told us how they were still a very affordable choice with a nice atmosphere, so we should definitely come dine in, but we were feeling lazy one fine Friday (really, we’re kinda lazy every Friday, but let us pretend) and decided to get some delivery.  Now, we haven’t had much luck with delivery since we moved to Greenwich and were really hoping for a replacement to our fave go-to, Nick’s Pizza. We were crossing our fingers that Bella Nonna was it.

Antipasto for two (or one hungry paesano)

Antipasto for two (or one hungry paesano)

To start, we were very happy to see that the food got to us hot and very quickly.  We had ordered an antipasto for two, an appetizer of clams, penne vodka to share, and a tiramisu to end things off.  As we opened our bag, we were happy to see (and smell) some nice garlic knots that they threw together for us.  They weren’t too buttery and oily, had a nice bite from the garlic, were crispy on the outside, yet were nice and bready on the inside.  Nice start to the meal.  The antipasto was next with big chunks of parm and even fresh water mozzerella.  There was also a nice variety of meats, though we would have liked more greens.

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Mediterraneo (review redirect) Greenwich, CT

13 Jan

Gotta love WordPress!  It kept the date that we first began writing this post.  Well, here is where the post should be.  Again, we’re sorry…this is frustrating stuff.

Link to review.

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