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Bobby Q’s owner answers some Qs about his new BBQ joint–BarQ in Stamford. It’s Q-riffic.

9 Feb

Imagine this, but smaller…

Update: BarQ B.B.Q. is open and here’s our review!  

It’s about to get a little saucy up in this joint.  Bob LeRose, the BBQ genius behind Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ & Grill in Westport and the Blues, Views, & BBQ festival, is fixin’ to bring some more flavor to Downtown Stamford.  He’ll be opening BarQ B.B.Q. where Hula Hanks used to be along with the help of Post Road Entertainment (Black Bear Saloon, 84 Park, and Wicked Wolf Tavern).  I had a chance to talk with Bob and we’ve got lots to share with you.  Namely how we think BarQ will be a game changer and will open the world of BBQ to more people than ever.

BarQ will introduce 10-15 “bar snacks” that are BBQ influenced.  So, you could mosey on down to the bar, order some snacks, and drink the night away.  You can expect lots of great drinks and more of a social kind of vibe here, so it’ll be perfect to meet up with some friends, go out on a date, or just hang out.

But, what about the BBQ?  Oh, my smoke loving friends, let me tell you why BarQ will rock your world.  BBQ dishes will be served a la carte, so you’ll be able to get smaller portions of your favorites such as pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and chicken.  Also, you’ll be able to mix and match as many sides as you’d like to your heart’s content.  So, just want a snack sized BBQ portion of some of Bob’s awesome brisket?  Go ahead and order it!  Feeling a bit oinky?  Do it up with lots of bbq plates and sides.  BarQ has you covered whatever appetite you walk in with.

“We’ll introduce more people to the world of BBQ,” Bob told me, “they won’t feel as overwhelmed.”  Oh yes, imagine the possibilities.

Can’t wait for them to open?  Want a sample of what to expect?  Check them out at Taste of Stamford on 2/16/12.

BarQ B.B.Q.

261 Main Street

Stamford, CT 06901

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