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Rebirth of the Cool: Adam Patrick Takes Over + Reinvents Drink Program @ Match in SoNo

13 Mar

Adam Patrick Walrus Carpenter

On a recent trip to Colorado we hit up a speakeasy called Williams & Graham on the advice of our buddy, Charles Guerrero.  The drinks were awesome and the bartenders were amazing, mixing, shaking, cutting, peeling, straining, and pouring like pros.  Fast forward to a few weeks later when we finally made our way to Walrus + Carpenter in Black Rock and got to see Adam Patrick “behind the stick.”  Not only were his drinks impressively delicious, but he had those same skills that the bartenders who amazed us in Denver had.  One of the moves that got us hyped up was shaking the cocktail in one hand then stirring a drink with the other hand.  We both argued if we could actually do that, trying to pat our heads and rub our stomachs…we couldn’t even do that, but he made it seem easy as breathing.  

Match SoNo LogoWe talk about him with you today because Adam Patrick was chosen by Chef Matt Storch of Match to create a brand new drink program as the Bar Manager.  And, it’s pretty easy to see why Chef Storch would choose him to help bring about the new iteration of his landmark Match in the heart of SoNo.  He’s got drive, he’s got heart, he’s got mad skills, he’s got some sass, and he’s got some serious smarts.  Case in point:  his blog *just add alcohol that takes you through how to make cocktails, the origins of drinks, bar philosophy, and more.  

So, let’s dig a little deeper into the world of Adam Patrick, his role as Bar Manager at the soon-to-reopen Match, some hints about the changes to come at Match, and his evolution in the restaurant and service industry…

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