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Stop by Garden Catering + Other Local Spots to Help Fund Camp Promise + Fight ALS

27 Feb


Time flies…it’s unbelievable to think that this is the third year that we’ve talked to everybody about the Camp Promise fundraiser, organized by our friend James Lacerenza.  Oh, and do you know what else?  Swineus Fugit!  Pigs Fly!  (You like how we worked that in?)

That’s because Garden Catering in Greenwich ( 177 Hamilton Avenue), Old Greenwich ( 185 1/2 Sound Beach Avenue), and Stamford (235 Main Street) are selling Flying Pigs to help raise money for Camp Promise East.  This very worthy organization allows people of all ages who have muscular dystrophy to attend a safe, fun, and interactive summer camp.  Some of these kids and adults who attend have never had a chance to swim, play sports, or rarely get the chance to interact with others in a fun way, so Camp Promise is amazing for them.

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Local Community Bands Together to Send Campers with Muscular Dystrophy to Camp Promise

22 Feb

Last year we told you all about a great group of people coming together to help send kids and adults with muscular dystrophy to summer camp.  Normally, summer camps are too strenuous and aren’t built around the unique needs of these great campers, but Camp Promise East in Hebron, CT is anything but ordinary.  They have created a summer camp experience that becomes the highlight of each camper’s summer experience.  Here’s a bit of what campers do from The Jett Foundation site:

For younger campers, camp is a time to enjoy arts ‘n crafts, scavenger hunts, swimming, visiting animals, and other age-appropriate activities while enjoying the company of other campers who have similar physical needs. The week allows these campers to become comfortable around people in wheelchairs and other medical equipment, eventually easing the transition to using these devices. Inevitably, curious younger campers ask questions about the older campers’ conditions and sometimes their own. Our counselors are not only trained to handle these questions appropriately, but also look to parents for guidance in case these questions arise during the week.

 Older campers enjoy programming that caters to their needs. This includes later curfews, later wake-up times, exclusive pool hours, our Transitions Program, age-appropriate movies, and more. And, when we do have camp-wide activities like Casino Night, we make sure older campers get a little something extra out of the events. Theme Days challenge campers and volunteers to be creative and show off their best ideas. Forget Crazy Hair Day and Twin Day, campers of all ages enjoy dressing up with our unique themes like As Seen on TV, Inanimate Object Day, and Safari Day. As one parent put it, “Even packing for Camp Promise is fun.”

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