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CT Food News, Vol 18: Labor Day, Jerks, BBQ, Blues, Beer, Oysters, Deals + More…

27 Aug

Do you know what’s sad about it almost being Labor Day?  Yeah, we know…you can’t wear white again.  But, then again, who are we to follow silly rules?  Guess what?  On Tuesday Dan will wear his white linen suit with white shoes just to show what he thinks about these rules.  Yeah, don’t spend your life following all the rules and doing what society tells you!  Instead, come along with us as we tell ya all about some great events that are coming up as well as hit ya with some beer news from across the state.

Events and Deals

Craft 260 in Fairfield is pretty serious about football.  So serious, in fact that they’ll be offering up happy hour food and drink specials during Monday night games all the way up until last call.  Great food and beer, football, and a good deal?  C’mon now!

Stamford Restaurant Weeks is still going strong…all the way until September 1.  Check out all the deals!

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The Play by Play for Your Big Game Day via Alternative Control

29 Jan

Team OmNom for Alternative Control CT

When Alternative Control asked us on Twitter, if we were on board for a post on their site, we were like, DUH!  We love their free spirit, their voice, and what they stand for:  full out footballs to the wall awesomeness.  Then, we thought about what we could write about, what we could share…what we came up with was “The Play by Play for Your Big Game Day,” a to-do list of things to do on Sunday, February 3.  So, not only do we have your pre-game covered, we have your game-time covered with lots of specials and deals at local bars and restaurants throughout Lower Fairfield County.  Here’s a sneak peek with a link to our post and some of the other posts from some other rockstar bloggers:

Part of the excitement of checking out Sunday’s big game (we are under obligation by the mega-monopolies that rule this world not to say what we’re actually talking about but to hint at what we’re talking about, even though you all know what we’re talking about, though of course we could ask permission, but we’d probably be denied use of the name) is the excitement, the adrenaline rush, and eating and drinking whatever the hell you want.  Yeah, there are no limits at all on the biggest game day of the year.  So, we’ve put together a check list of things to do on February 3, 2013.

☑ Check out Chowdafest V before the game from 11-4 pm at Webster Bank Arena.  We’re talking nearly 30 soups and chowders from 25 different restaurants.  You pick your faves and they could actually win…too bad you can’t pick a game winner that easily, huh?  Think of all the money you could make…

☑ Pre-game Party!  Buy at least a pound of bacon and wrap everything in the fridge with it.  Bacon-wrapped chicken, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon-wrapped pulled pork, bacon-wrapped ribs, bacon-wrapped chicken wings, bacon-wrapped breadsticks, even bacon-wrapped bacon.  If you want to add more flavor to those wings, try Stamford’s own Hoardable Hot Sauce!  Tail-gate in the backyard or parking lot and make sure to make lots of noise.  Leave before the police get called.

Read the rest of the to-do list including places to watch the game here at Alternative Control, Metal…and everything else you need to live!

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