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Super Duper Weenie Truck Hits up Bull N’ Brew at Ambler Farm – Wilton, CT

11 Jun

California Lovin’, Dre Style

Starting in college, I became a vegetarian.  It wasn’t always the easiest to do, especially when you were out with your friends, but I had my reasons mostly around conserving energy and saving the environment.  But, by the time I met Kristien, I was eating just fish, then slowly, I started to eat chicken but I still didn’t touch pork or beef.

That is until the summer I worked at a camp in New Canaan.  See, every other week they’d have Super Duper Weenie come to make hot dogs and burgers.  After seeing all my kids eating up and enjoying their food, I knew what I had to do.  Slowly, I had a burger here, a hot dog there.  By the end of the summer, I had built my stomach back up to beef-eating state. The lure of Super Duper Weenie was way too much.  Yeah, I know, I’m a sell out. ; ) 

Now, imagine our delight when Dina Nocerino wrote us and told us about a great fundraiser for her organization, Karuana Bully Rescue called Bull N’ Brew that featured Super Duper Weenie!  I mean, it all aligned with the OmNomCT creed:

1:  We love doggies.

2:  We love to help doggies.

3:  We love to eat hot doggies.

4:  We love to wash down hot doggies with brews.

Let’s start off by saying how awesome the 2nd Annual Bull N’ Brew was.  There was an amazing selection of beer from New England Brewing Company, Beaver Beer, Victory, Thomas Hooker and more. So, it wasn’t a major surprise that we saw a member of the elite Barley Literati, James Gribbon.  The music by Tim Palmieri and Friends was awesome and so was Like Violet who played the final set of the night.  People were having a great time, talking, relaxing, drinking, jamming, and chomping on some Super Duper Weenie.  Best of all?  Tons of money was raised with about 80 people attending.  Money that will be used to help rescue dogs, take care of them, then find them loving homes.  

Okay, onto Super Duper Weenie.

Gary Zemola and co. were there and you could pick from a variety of your favorite dogs or make your own burger and add a side of fries if you wanted, too.  We took things slowly, ordering a hot dog each, sipped on some brews, then went back for seconds.  I’ve only had the Georgia Red Hot and the Mighty-Ity, so I decided to explore things a bit and try their other dogs.  Kristien branched out and tried new stuff too.  Here’s our hot dog and burger break down for the best hot dogs we’ve ever had in Connecticut:

Come to Poppa!

New Yorker: Sauerkraut, Onion Sauce, Mustard, & Hot Relish. This is the hot dog purist hot dog, which is exactly why Kristien always gets this one. Absolutely perfect! That snap you dream about when you bite into a hot dog topped with sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard (the ONLY kind for hot dogs) and their homemade onion sauce and hot relish that is to die for… all in just the right proportions.

Cincinnatian: Cincinnati Style Chili, Cheddar Cheese & Chopped Onions. What can I say? The chili here is great. It has a really exotic taste, too…there are hints of Indian spices in there, just awesome. They didn’t go light on the cheese either, adding a nice balance of flavors to the rich savoriness of the chili and the bold punch of the onions.

The Hot Dog Went down to Georgia…

Georgia Red Hot:  Sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, and sweet relish. Kristien loved the crunch of the red hot, and the bite from sauerkraut and relish offered an awesome finishing taste.

Californian: Homemade Meat Chili, Freshly Chopped Onion, American Cheese & Hot Relish. This is what I went with when I found out there was only one Georgia Red Hot left. I was told that it was a good alternative if you wanted something spicy. Well, the chili was great and there was just the right amount of cheese on there to give it a great contrast in flavors. I didn’t get the heat, though, like I remember getting at their restaurant in Fairfield. Still, an awesome hot dog that left me satisfied.

Burger Deluxe: 1/4 lb. Pure Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onion. I had fond memories of the burgers from camp, but I soon realized that Super Duper Weenie was better than I remember. This burger was juicy, full of flavor, and was piled high with toppings. Surprisingly, one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.

Load ‘er up!

Fresh Cut Fries: Even though they made them on their truck, they were still awesome.  Cut just right, fried just right, crispy, seasoned nicely with salt and black pepper. Nice and shoestringy!

Bull N’ Brew, 2013

The 2nd Annual Bull N’ Brew was a blast and we look forward to next year’s.  If you missed out this year, you’ll have to wait a year, but it’s totally worth it.  In the meantime, check out Karuana Bully Rescue for other fun events on the way and help them out with a donation if you can.   You can also check out Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, CT to experience their legen-wait for it-dary dogs.  Thanks again to Karuana Bully Rescue for making this all happen!

Super Duper Weenie

Noms:  4.5

Cost:  $$

306 Black Rock Turnpike

Fairfield, CT

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