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Bring a Posse to Tackle the Posse at Ash Creek Saloon – Norwalk, CT

10 Jan

Ever get a craving that can never seem to go away?  Bacon, for example:  when you think of that crispiness, the savoriness…well, you can’t stop until you get it. Then once you have it, well, you have to have it again.  Sorry, did I just make you hungry?  Don’t hate!

Well, we had one of those cravings a few weekends ago:  bbq (that’s me) AND mac & cheese (yeah that’s Kristien of course).  Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to get both together (and have them both be good).  We had two great options that rocked both:  Q in Port Chester and Bobby Q’s in Westport, but we were so hungry that we couldn’t drive 30 minutes.  We needed that food STAT  so we sped on over to Ash Creek Saloon in Norwalk.

Our jaws dropped when we found out there’d be at least a 20 minute wait, but we made the best of it and saddled on up to the bar.  Now, pardners, we ordered from a decent list of draughts, but before we could finish our table was ready.  Don’t you love those nice surprises in life?

We got our strategy underway:  buffalo wings, mac & cheese, and some bbq.  We couldn’t figure out what BBQ, so we figured…hey, why not get it all with The Posse?  Yeah, we had to bake Christmas cookies the next day anyway, so we could use leftovers for fuel.

The Wings

Our wings came to us, steamy, warm, and dripping with a sweet and tangy hell-fire sauce.  There was definite heat going on, but it wasn’t overpowering at all.  Evidence of heat?  Sliced jalapenos were strewn about the wings and were steeping in the sauce.  The meat was cooked nicely, wasn’t dried out, and was nice and juicy.  Our problem with the wings, though, was that they weren’t crispy enough like you come to expect.  Monster B’s, for example, were nice and crispy, had great sauce, and still kept the meat juicy.

The Baked Mac & Cheese

The baked mac & cheese was good too with golden breadcrumbs on top.  This is more of a solid, baked, less liquidy kind of mac & cheese.  The flavors were almost there, but it could have used just a few more hits of salt – it was kind of bland.

The  Posse

$47 for two people ($23.50 for each additional person) gets ya Shorty’s baby back ribs, Memphis dry rub ribs, bbq chicken, bbq sausage, brisket, sweet potato fries, french fries, coleslaw, cornbread, and beans.  Holy crap, did we actually eat all that?  First, we have to say that everything was cooked so well here.  The chicken skin was well-flavored and was nice and crispy, while the meat itself was juicy.  The ribs were delicate and fell off the bone with just a slight tug.  On the ribs, though, was a very sweet sauce that became very overpowering.  Kristien was not a fan. The sausage was interesting because it tasted like an Italian sausage with fennel.  I mean, who the heck doesn’t like Italian sausage, but served as bbq sausage? Meh, not so much! Last of all was the brisket and that comes pulled apart for you.  It was delicate, tender, and full of flavor, but definitely different than a typical brisket. Kristien would’ve liked it with more fat – yeah that’s how she likes her brisket. Can you blame her?

Onto the sides that came with The Posse!  The major reason to come to Ash Creek Saloon is to have the sweet potato fries that come with a lovely and sweet molasses sauce.  They come out crispy, hot, and ready to dip.  Ahhhh.  SO GOOD! The french fries, though, were soggy and not so good…so we just ate more sweet potato fries.  Kristien took ownership over the coleslaw.  It was seasoned well and had a tangy kick, but had just a little too much mayo.  I lorded (or larded?) over the beans, cooked with nice chunks of pork.  The pork added great flavor and a smokiness to the beans, but it could have used a bit more brown sugar to sweeten it up.  Last stop was the cornbread.  It’s that kind of cornbread that’s heavy and solid, close to the consistency of a muffin.  Yum!  You feel about 20 lbs. heavier after downing a slice, but hey, it’s Saturday.  Calories don’t count on Saturdays, duh.

Overall Impressions

Ash Creek Saloon is a good, go-to place for grub and bbq food.  You’re not going to get the bbq that you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, but it’s certainly satisfying.  They cook the food nicely here, but with just a bit more (or maybe a bit less) flavor and seasoning, the food would be closer to great.  The Posse is definitely a cool way to go if you want to try all of their bbq at once…especially if you enjoy bbq leftovers.  SO MUCH FOOD!

Ash Creek Saloon

Noms: 3.25

Cost: $$$

Address: 2 Wilton Ave.

Norwalk, CT 06851

Phone: (203) 847-75o0

Site:  http://www.ashcreeksaloon.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ashcreeknorwalk

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Spice it up and vote for your favorite restaurants at the 1st annual Chilifest, 2011!

22 Oct

From Chilifest Weebly Site

Looking for info on the 2014 Chilifest in Westport?

Think that Chowdafest is freakin’ awesome?  Take that same concept of a spoon, pencil, and a judging card, and a huge appetite and now om nom on some chili!  Yup, that’s right, the first annual Chilifest is coming soon to Westport.  You’ll be voting on two categories:  creative and traditional.  The chiliarians this year?  Quite an impressive list:  Ash Creek Saloon, Bobby Q’s, Brewhouse, Chili Bomb, DaPietro’s, Nicholas Roberts, Old Post Tavern, The Lime, The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood, and Wilson’s BBQ.

It’s hard to say who will have the edge here.  You’d think with a name like Chili Bomb, the new Fairfield eatery would have the edge, but look who else is in the mix.  You’ve got a Chowdafest winner (Nicholas Roberts) and you’ve got solid BBQ joints.  No doubt  we’ll be on hand to taste and taste and taste and judge a bit.  But, it’s really about tasting and tasting and tasting.  After we’re done, though, we’ll drive with the windows down if ya know what we mean.

Oh, and mark your calendars (or subscribe to our Google cal) now.  The 4th annual Chowdafest is 2/4/2011!

Saturday, 10/29/2011 from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

$6 for adults, $5 for seniors,$2 for kids (5-17)

Address:  Unitarian Universalist Church

                      10 Lyons Plains Road

                     Westport, CT

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