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Bartaco, Moja, and Safita to Open in Westport at National Hall Complex! Yeah Variety!

8 Oct

Porkslap Ale (it’s boss) with tacos at Bartaco Stamford

Update:  Moja is now open and bartaco is having a soft opening this week, 4 pm until closing with normal hours start with lunch on 6/17 at 11:30!


Located at 20 Wilton Road in Westport (the old Peter Coppola space & next door to Save the Children), bartaco opens its doors to the public today after 4pm for a soft opening. The 4pm opening time will take place all week and we will begin lunch service next Monday, 6/17 at 11:30am.

It’s been spinning around the rumor mill for over a year, but just a few days ago there was confirmation from Vanessa Inzitari of Westport Daily Voice:  Bartaco is coming to Westport.  This will be the fourth Bartaco to hit the streets, with one in West Hartford, one in Stamford, and the other in Port Chester.  The lease is now signed, so you’ll be able to get your drinks and get stuffed on tacos at 20 Wilton Road.  Although we were critical of Bartaco in our last review, we can always give the Westport location a shot.    

Moja sake, from their FB page

According to Vanessa’s article, Bartaco will open in the spring, perfect timing for the margaritas and drinks that lots of people rave about.  But, even if Bartaco isn’t your style, there will be two other choices of restaurants.  You could check out Moja:   Asian fusion with Brazilian flare.  Another great piece of news here is that it looks like they will have lots of custom and unique sakes!  According to their FB page (website is down right now), “Our mission at Moja is to deliver a healthy, fresh, unique eating experience based on asian cuisine with flavors from around the world, served in a vibrant, upbeat environment.”  We’re all on board with that.  

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Sticky-Nuts: the Cure for Lame Trail Mix. The Yummy Details and Giveaway Info…

23 Feb

Girl look at the PB, ahhh, Girl look at that PB, ahh...I munch out

Do you suffer from trail mix lameness disorder? Maybe you’ve bought that generic mix, hoping for a fun, healthy,and yummy snack but you ended up with some boring mixture that you couldn’t get even a few bites into. So, if you suffer from lametrailmixitis, we’ve found your cure: Sticky-Nuts. Sticky-Nuts? Sticky-Nuts!

Choco Spice #ftw

Sticky-Nuts (sorry, just need to keep writing it) was founded back in 2011 by the dynamic husband and wife duo (they’re so darn cute) of Zachary and Rebecca Butlein.  They’re great people and they’re fun to follow on Twitter, too.  So, how did they start making trail mix?  In 2010, Rebecca received the news that she had Lupus.  During and after treatment, the food that her body could tolerate was cut down tremendously.  One of the foods that she could eat, though, was trail mix.  So, rather than deal with boring trail mix, Rebecca and Zachary went on a mission to create awesome new options.  And, there we have Sticky-Nuts, the Ridgefield based company of crunchy awesomeness.

Zachary and Rebecca sent us over two samples to try out and we’ve gotta go through all the delicious details.  Plus, they sent us two extra.  Yup, you know what that means?  GIVEAWAY.  You get a trail mix, you get a trail mix, the whole audience gets a trail mix.  Actually, we can’t make that claim.  One randomly lucky winner, though, will get both PB FIG and CHOCO SPICE sent via our beloved US Postal Service.  Just let us know, by commenting below, what you’d like to do with your Sticky-Nuts.  Contest ends on 3/2/12 at 4 pm, but Sticky-Nuts never ends.  The winner is….Linda F.!  Congrats and thanks for entering.    


 Here are the descriptions from their site…yum!

PB FIG:You will go bananas for our PB Fig mix! A medley of roasted peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios with smooth peanut butter, black mission figs, plump raisins, and crunchy banana chips. Snack on them all day or top baked goods with them.

MORNING GRAPEFRUIT: Put away your grapefruit spoon and pick up a bag of Morning Grapefruit trail mix, a citrusy blend of almonds, cashews, and dried papaya, roasted together with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, zest, and candied rind. Great mixed into your morning yogurt or enjoyed anytime of the day.

ASIAN FUSION: Go on an adventure with Asian Fusion, a spicy and complex arrangement of cashews and peanuts with dried mango, banana, and layers of flavor. Also, Asian Fusion features crispy lentils and sweet sesame brittle. Snack on them throughout the day or give your weeknight salad and stir-fry a boost.

CHOCO SPICE: Indulge in our Choco Spice blend, a chocolaty mixture of pecans and cashews roasted with honey cherry clusters and peppery cocoa powder, sweet with a hint of cinnamon spice. It will liven up any baked good.

WINTER WONDER (limited season batch): Warm up your palate with Winter Wonder trail mix, a comforting blend of roasted walnuts, pecans, peanuts and raisins, infused with cardamom and star anise!  Each batch is sprinkled with crystallized ginger and candied orange rind.

FALL FESTIVAL ( limited Seasonal Batch): Celebrate the coming of a new season with a bag of Fall Festival. Each batch is filled with spiced pumpkin seeds, cranberries, dried apples, apple cider reduction, walnuts, pecans, and more.


We have to say, our favorite is CHOCO SPICE.  The flavors are amazingly complex, but not overpowering at all.  There is just the right amount of cocoa there and just a nice hint of pepper that adds a fun flavor.  The PB FIG is also great, with nice big chunks of yummy fig, mixed in with the banana chips and different kind of nuts.  Even better is the fact that Sticky-Nuts is all natural and uses organic ingredients, creating a gluten-free lovers paradise.  This shows through in how fresh and pure the trail mixes taste.  Nothing is overdone here and you won’t go away from eating Sticky-Nuts like you just had too much and you feel like you’re about to slip into a sugar coma.  Perfect taste, perfect flavor, perfect snack.  Yup, that’s Sticky-Nuts in a…well…nutshell.

Buy them from their online store or at:

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