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A peek inside the vault at Cask Republic SoNo (Review)

6 Jan

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The news came as a shock to many people when Ginger Man SoNo  announced it was closing its doors. But quickly after the shock came relief when the owner, Christian Burns, shared the reason why: they wanted to refresh the darker and more compartmentalized Ginger Man into something brighter and more open. And with that change they wanted to bring a fresh, new menu, and a name change to go along with it. The new name was one we were all familiar with: Cask Republic, which is the same Cask many have come to know and love in Stamford and New Haven. Continue reading

9 Restaurants to Dump Your Date at this Valentine’s Day…You’re Welcome

8 Feb

Been looking for the perfect time to break up with your (in)significant other? We know, we know…she’s a bit of a freak (and not in the good way) and he plays poker with “the boys” way too much. Let’s help you get past this relationship so you can find your way onto greener pastures, calmer seas, and better matches on eHarmony or JDate.  Yes, we’re giving you that extra nudge by providing you with a list of places that are not only perfect for that break up talk, but also have so many hotties and studs that when you’ve ditched that good for nothing you can immediately get your flirt on with someone else.  And the food and adult beverages are good too, so you can eat/drink away the guilt. Ooooh, we’re so scandalous!

Tell us your break up stories and drama by commenting below.

Bar Q, Stamford: yeehaw! Check out the hot new urban cowboy scene here. Get on mechanical bull (check for availability to be sure), get thrown off, then become delirious. Look at date and say: What? Who are you? Sorry, wrong guy.

Barcelona, Greenwich, Norwalk, Stamford: when the chairs and tables move away at night, the party begins.  During the shuffle, tell your date that you want to see other people, then get lost in the crowd.

Bodega Taco Bar, Darien and Fairfield: have a server splash you with a glass of water then slap you across the face. Explain your sordid history, your date leaves, and then drink some tequila with the chicos y chicas. Don’t forget to leave extra gratuity for the show.

Dolce Cubano, Stamford: explain to your date that you are actually a Cuban refugee. Jump on random boat on nearby dock. Wave bye. Wait for date to leave, then come back and throw those drinks down the hatch at the bar.

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Inventive, Rich + Flavorful Dishes at The Spread Get the Heart of SoNo Pumping

23 Jan

When Chef Arik Bensimon left his cushy job as Executive Chef at Napa & Company in Stamford, he didn’t really have a set plan in place.  “I didn’t know where I was going to end up,″ he told us in an interview.  Many might think he was crazy to leave a job like that, but a chef with raw talent needs to explore, needs to branch out, and needs to make his own mark on the culinary world. After all, no risk, no reward! After leaving Napa, Arik was fortunate enough to have met Andrey Cortes, Chris Hickey, Shawn Longyear, and Christopher Rasile and they instantly clicked.  It’s like it was a match made in…well…culinary heaven. And from that bond, The Spread was born.

We asked Arik about what was his inspiration for the menu at The Spread, and he shared, “Thanksgiving, doing things family style, bringing people together.  I want people to interact with each other, share, talk, and enjoy.  It brings about better conversation, opens up people a lot more.  I’d love for people to go out, order half the menu, and share it with their friends.  People can just order entrees, too, if they don’t feel like sharing.  There is some adventurous food, but also some nice classics that all people can appreciate.″  You can see, then, how Sean’s idea of naming their new restaurant The Spread jives well with the spread on the table and family style eating.  Also of note is Arik’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and cheese for the menu.

Finally, after months of waiting, we got ourselves a reservation and headed into SoNo.  When we walked in, we were nostalgic for Havana that used to be there and where we went on our first date.  Inside, though, things were so different, so modern (yet rustic), so much bigger, and so much more lively.  The tables were full, the bar was full, everywhere was full.  Our waiter later told us that this was one of the busiest nights he’d ever seen.  Hand it to us to go on that night, huh?  That being said, we did have to wait a while past our reservation, but passed the time away by sipping some mixed drinks from the bar.  Kristien had the Tico Juice which was exotic, had just the right amount of sweetness and fruitiness, but needed a little more liquor.  Dan had The Tea Bag (Kristien felt awkward asking for this at the bar) which was also good that didn’t get overpowered because of the tea infused bulleit bourbon…a very nice balance. 

When the time came to order, as is usually the case with us, we couldn’t decide on what to eat because each dish looked creative, exquisite, and exciting.  We decided, though, to go with a few small plates and have two bigger plates for our own enjoyment.  Moroccan carrots, lardo & figs, little neck clams, marinated beets, veal confit, griddled pork belly, and apple crisp…yeah, we were hungry but couldn’t come close to eating all of the 36 parts (not including dessert) of this menu.  Let’s go through our meal together and show you some of the dishes that you’ll need to try when you visit.

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The Spread in South Norwalk (Link to Post)

1 Nov

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