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Grana Pastificio: Bar Sugo Starts New Line of Fresh Pasta and Products

21 Oct

Pasta: it’s what’s for dinner. All photos from Bar Sugo and Grana Pastificio Facebook pages.

Update: Grana Pastificio now has new owners and a brick and mortar store in Westport next to Winfield Street Italian Deli. For more info, email info@granapastificio.com, or call 203-557-3855

When people ask us about where we love to get Italian food, all the Italian spots here in Fairfield County race through our minds, but it always comes down to just a few restaurants that we feel can do it all. Good, quality pies, fresh, rustic flavor, and killer, hand and housemade pasta. And, it should be no surprise to any of our readers that we have a love affair with the saucy and savory Bar Sugo. Continue reading

Get Schooled: Bar Sugo Presents Wine and Interactive Pasta Classes for October

28 Sep

Bar Sugo Cooking Classes October 2015

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know how much we love our Bar Sugo! Whether you’re looking for the best meatballs in the state, spins on classic Italian dishes, pizza with pizzaz, or fresh-out-of-the-bowl pasta, you need go nowhere else. So, we’re not sure why Chef Pat Pascarella would reveal his secrets for making his killer pasta (well, he’s nice, that’s why!), but he’s doing it anyway with a series of interactive pasta classes. You’ll get a hands-on experience with Chef, will make at least two different pasta dishes, get recipe cards to take home, and celebrate with a meal featuring your handiwork. The class lasts an hour with lunch afterwards, so you’ll be hanging at Bar Sugo for about two hours. Soft drinks are included, but the hard stuff is extra. Classes are $55 per person (tax and tip extra) or you could get all four weeks for $200 and save yo’self twenty buckaroos. Make your reservation by calling up Chef Pat and crew at (203) 956-7134. Continue reading

4 Fairfield County Chefs Featured in FC Beat Magazine

23 Jan

The FC Beat winter2015 cover

If you haven’t seen it already (but seriously, how couldn’t you?), FC Beat Magazine is a bright, fun, modern, and attractive magazine that highlights the “Food, Arts, Culture + Color of Fairfield County.” Paper copies are everywhere and we snag them when we see them, but they also release digital versions so it’s easy to keep up with each issue.

In the current Winter 2015 issue, some of our favorite Fairfield County chefs take over the pages in a delicious spread called “Love & Braises.” It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s a good read when you see what these chefs are up to and how they interact. Featured are Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo who cooks up a killer Oxtail Crostino (recipe here), Chef Shelby Gopinath of The Fez takes us through his quintessential Moroccan-style Braised Lamb Shank, Chef Jared Falco of Washington Prime gives us a little Weezer inspired dish a la Pork and Beans, and Chef Franco Camacho of Geronimo digs down deep into his Bison Osso Bucco. And, as an added bonus, FC Beat writer Mike Mackey takes you through a braise of his own: braised rabbit.

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Your Name on a Bar Sugo Pizza if the Ingredients Are Right

21 Jan


OmNomivores, come on down, you’re the next contestants on the Ingredients Are Right! Today you’re bidding on a pizza pie that you’ll create for Chef Pat Pascarella and the staff of Bar Sugo in Norwalk. What will be your ingredients of choice be? Whatever you pick to go on your pie, don’t be that one guy that bids 1 and says just “cheese.” Then again, you don’t want to overbid and throw in 20 different ingredients on your pie. 

Once all your bids have been placed, Bar Sugo will pick their favorite ingredients and pie combination and will not only name the pie after you, but will also put it up on their menu as a special. To enter, just go to their Facebook page, find the contest post, and let your ideas fly. Good luck!

Bar Sugo Hosting Italian Wine Class + Food Pairing Series January-February

5 Jan

Take the sting out of the cold weather and warm up with some great wine and food at Bar Sugo in SoNo. Chef Pat Pascarella, will be hosting a series of wine and food pairings that cost just $35 (plus tip) per person. That’s a steal, but the real deal comes when you attend all five classes: you’ll get a $75 gift certificate for two people. In addition, you’ll also get a small plate certificate that you can hand in for some great Italian tapas when you visit Bar Sugo again. To secure your spot, e-mail Pat and co. with the date(s) that you’d like to attend. 

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Fuggedaboutit: Learn to Cook with Chef Pat Pascarella at Bar Sugo

4 Dec

1) We love Bar Sugo.

2) We love Chef Pat Pascarella.

3) You need to get our ass to Bar Sugo to not only eat, but also to stuff your face on his awesome food.

4) Starting off in 2015, you’ll have a shot at learning how to cook and think like The Man. Most classes that he’s offering are $30 per person (plus tip). It’s a great thing to do with a friend, on a date, or just for fun. Plus, it does make a nice holiday gift. Call up Pat, Meghan, and Bar Sugo at (203) 956-7134 to get your spot set.

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Megan D’Amico Opens up J’aime Ca Cakes and Bakes Goodness in Norwalk

10 Jan
J'aime ca cake bakery pictures

Just some of the cakes that Megan has created (from the J’aime ca cake Facebook page)

If you’ve been to Bar Sugo in Norwalk, chances are you’ve been greeted by the warm smile of Megan D’Amico. She began there as General Manager and soon took charge of the wine portfolio, expanding the popular Norwalk spot with more wine and even vino-focused dinners. While she has done amazing work there, Megan is still up for other challenges and wants to expand her culinary focus, too.

She shared with us, “I grew up with my mother who has a passion for art and is a great artist and my father who owned his own deli and catering so it was natural for me to fuse the two and go to CIA for Baking and Pastry Arts Management.  I knew I wanted to do baking and pastry since freshman year of high school…and my fiancé [Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo] gave me the motivation to get started in a new direction.”

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Go Wild with 5 Courses, Wine + Beer @ Bar Sugo’s Game Dinner – SoNo, CT

11 Oct


If you’re going to have game meat, you really only have two options to get it done right as far as we can see:

1)  Head to Grandpa or Grandma’s kitchen.

2)  Head straight to a restaurant that has a chef that you trust.

Unfortunately, when you’re headed out to a restaurant, it’s hard to know who the trusted chefs are until you’ve tried their game dishes.  For the timid and those afraid to try more exotic meats, this could be a deal breaker.  The meat might be too dry, it might not be cooked the right way, or the flavors might be off-balanced, leading to an unpleasant taste.

Lucky for you we know that Chefs Pat Pascarella and Paul Failla at Bar Sugo have the art of wild meat down, er, pat.  ;)  And, to show off these skills, they’ve created a five course wild game dinner that will be hosted on 10/22, staring at 6:30.  It’s $60 per person and that includes wine and beer to go with each course, plus it includes the tax and tip!  For a dinner like this, that’s a pretty nice cost, especially if you want to venture off into the dark side of the culinary world.  Yes, maybe you can delve deeper than just chicken, pork, and beef?

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Paul Failla Takes Over Kitchen of Bar Sugo; Pat Pascarella Oversees and Looks to Expand

19 Aug


When people ask us where some of our favorite restaurants are or ask where we’d go for a nice outdoor spot in the Norwalk area, an answer that always come up is Bar Sugo. Although it took us a while to get there, we enjoyed a feast from Chef Pat Pascarella back in March and we’ve been back two more times since. Two times ago we took Kristien’s parents and they said that Bar Sugo was one of the best restaurants that she’s ever been to. And, we even took our friends there this past weekend and enjoyed another amazing meal.

20130819-073230.jpgSo, it’s kind of selfish to just keep Pat in one place. Even when we talked last year, he had plans to expand and to try new things. And, that’s exactly what’s happening! The first part of the plan involves a brand new chef at Bar Sugo, Paul Failla, that will head the kitchen. But, Chef Failla isn’t what you’d call a new chef. He’s spent time at two of the most popular and highest quality restaurants here in Fairfield County: Nola and The Whelk. Chef Pascarella will still be there for a big portion of the week, though, overseeing the kitchen and the menu.

With more time freed up, Pat will be looking for that perfect location for another restaurant either in NYC or Brooklyn. We’re very happy for Pat as he continues to cook up his own culinary empire.

Buona fortuna, Chef Pascarella and Chef Failla!

The Momma’s Boy Cook-off: Moms Battle Their Famous Local Chef Sons

8 Mar

Momma's Boy invite


Aww, mother and son.  The love and the bond between both is inseparable and is stronger than that guy in a hardhat who is glued to the beam in that Krazy Glue commercial.  Ah, yes, mother and son.  While we could wax poetic about the bond more, we’ll leave it to Woman to Woman Magazine.  They recently published an article written by Linda Kavanagh about five chefs and how their moms influenced their careers.  As an outgrowth of this great article, there is going to be a contest between mom and son to see who’s best.  Well, we don’t dare take sides.  If we say mom will do best, the chefs will be mad at us, but if we say the chefs will do better then we’ll get yelled at in strange languages and/or hit with spoons, pizza servers, or sandals by the moms.  Really, you can’t win…oh, but you do win at The Momma’s Boy Cook-off because you get to sample all the food that the chefs and their moms are making, get some recipe ideas, and even do some schmoozing.  Here are the contestants and all the info:

Thursday, April 11 @ 6 PM at Aitoro of Norwalk

$40 per ticket, advanced purchase only

  • Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo faces off against his mother, Gina Pascarella.
  • The Singing Chef, Neil Fuentes (also a spokesperson for Sabra Hummus) tries to out-cook his Italian mother-in-law, Dee DiCrosta.
  • Chef Biagio “Gino” Riccio of Quattro Pazzi/Osianna/BOCA goes up against his Greek mother-in-law, Anna Giapoutzis.
  • Chef Kausik Roy of Tawa will be fighting for bragging rights against his mom, Shibani Roy.
  • And, finally, we have Chef Michael Marchetti of Columbus Park Trattoria/Applausi Osteria/Tarantino Osteria who must somehow go against Marie Marchetti who is well known for her awesome handmade pasta.

Anybody care to take bets?  Who do you think will win in each battle?

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