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Bareburger Stamford Readies to Open (Yes, 4 Realz)

7 Dec
Habanero Express burger at Bareburger in Great Neck, NY

The Habanero Express burger with Elk

Okay, so when we are saying that Bareburger Stamford is actually ready to open, we mean it. Yes, we did write about the expansion of Bareburger into Ridgefield and Stamford back in September of 2013, but things are finally falling into place. Now, starting on December 21, we’ll have two Bareburgers in our fine state. Continue reading

Tips for Making the Perfect Burger from Bareburger’s Assistant Chef, Jennifer Underfinger

1 May


Let’s kick off National Burger Month right with some helpful, useful tips on how to prep that perfect burger that will be your peanut butter to your jelly, your kit to your kat, your Ben to your Jerry, your Cheech to your Chong, or even your Captain to your Tenille. LOL. While last year we did focus on a new burger for every single day of May, we kinda think the whole top burger list thing is overdone and overrated. We all have different burger prejudices, wants, and needs, so no burger will satisfy everybody. So, instead, we’ll be showcasing some great burger shops, the people behind burgers, and lots of recipes and ways to help you make some killer hamburgers this May.

Today we’re starting off with some great tips and advice from Jennifer Underfinger, the Assistant Chef of the expanding armada of Bareburgers. So, check it out, and when you’re in Ridgefield make sure to check out their newest Bareburger…and Stamford, you’ll get yours soon late spring/early summer. Here we go:

Continue reading

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