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Bareburger: Great Apps + Drinks, But How ‘Bout the Burgers?

11 Jan

For the longest time, people wondered if Bareburger Stamford would actually happen as that sad and lonely spot at 21 Harbor Point remained barren while Fortina and other spots nearby opened up and flourished. Well, glimmers of hope arrived as winter neared, and since opening up a few weeks back it has been jam-packed.

When we went to try it out this past Saturday (at around 6:45 pm) we were more than ready to eat and drink our sorrows away after witnessing our beloved Rangers lose in overtime at MSG. The space is pretty small with some seats at the bar, a few high-tops, and a handful of tables, but luckily we only had a 1/2 hour wait for a party of 6, which isn’t too bad. Continue reading

Tips for Making the Perfect Burger from Bareburger’s Assistant Chef, Jennifer Underfinger

1 May


Let’s kick off National Burger Month right with some helpful, useful tips on how to prep that perfect burger that will be your peanut butter to your jelly, your kit to your kat, your Ben to your Jerry, your Cheech to your Chong, or even your Captain to your Tenille. LOL. While last year we did focus on a new burger for every single day of May, we kinda think the whole top burger list thing is overdone and overrated. We all have different burger prejudices, wants, and needs, so no burger will satisfy everybody. So, instead, we’ll be showcasing some great burger shops, the people behind burgers, and lots of recipes and ways to help you make some killer hamburgers this May.

Today we’re starting off with some great tips and advice from Jennifer Underfinger, the Assistant Chef of the expanding armada of Bareburgers. So, check it out, and when you’re in Ridgefield make sure to check out their newest Bareburger…and Stamford, you’ll get yours soon late spring/early summer. Here we go:

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Win a Bareburger Gift Card and Sir Kensington’s Condiment 4 Pack

10 Feb

What’s ironic about the name Bareburger is that you’d be crazy to ever order a bare burger there.  What, with all the different kinds of patties like beef, wild boar, ostrich, turkey, fried chicken, lamb, and wild boar, all the different burgers on the menu, or the countless options and toppings in order to make your own Barest Burger, you’d seriously have to be cray cray to order just a patty.

Well, whatever burger, sides, or shakes you order, things just got a bit saucier!  That’s because Bareburger is testing out a new ketchup in 5 select locations: Ridgefield, Park Slope, Chelsea, 73rd Street on the Upper East Side, and their Astoria location.  But, we’re not talking about just any old ketchup.  We’re talking about Sir Kensington’s, a gourmet, all-natural, non-GMO ketchup that some great restaurants like ABC Kitchen, Sarabeth’s, and Spotted Pig in NYC use.  Visit any of these locations, try out Bareburger’s new ketchup, then leave your feedback via comment card.

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Got Ostrich? Bareburger Expands into Ridgefield and Stamford, Connecticut

13 Sep

It was one fateful day last year that Joe O’Connor walked into the English Department office and explained how excited he was.  One of his favorite burger joints was coming to Great Neck, the place we work.  I asked him what was so amazing about Bareburger and he proceeded to expound upon the virtues of this burger joint.  At the time of this news, Bareburger was only a small chain, but when you consider all the locations that they will soon be in, you’d really need to consider them to be a major chain.  We’re talking about 13 restaurants in NYC, one in Great Neck, and new joints in Hartsdale, Edgewater, Columbus, the Upper West Side of NYC, Plainview, Hoboken, Rockville Centre, Boston, Philly, DC, and even Chicago.  That makes 27 Bareburgers!  Plus, of course, you need to remember that the Stamford location will be opening in summer 2014 and the Ridgefield location will open this fall.  So, what can we expect from Bareburger?  We interviewed Joey, asking him to talk about Bareburger because he truly is one of the greatest experts in the field.

Which Bareburgers have you been to?

 I enjoyed delicious meals at two different Bareburger locations. The first location I went to is in Bayside, Queens NY. This specific Bareburger spot sits right on Bell Boulevard, an incredibly busy strip full of tasty restaurants and fun local bars. Although this location is relatively smaller than the other location I attended, I appreciate how the front of the store completely opens up. The Bayside location extends its space to the street so customers can eat outside as well (which I very much enjoy). The second location I ate at is in Great Neck, NY. This beautiful Long Island community certainly provides terrific places to eat and shop along Middle Neck Road. I recently took a friend there to eat and we both enjoyed the larger space and unique décor.

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