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Brews @ The Beer Garden + Filipino Bites @ HAPA Food Truck = Great Summer Day

6 Jul

It’s been a while since we checked out the Beer Garden @ Shippan Landing, so we know that we were due for our check-in. When we arrived the day before ‘Murica’s birthday, the vibe was chill, with about 30 peeps enjoying the day with some beer, cornhole, and beer pong. Apparently this was the calm after the storm because just the night before 700 people danced and drank the night away at their Country Fest.

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Long Live The Stamford Beer Garden, Coming Soon to Shippan Landing

16 Jun
Um, yes please!

Um, yes please!  (Artist rendering)

The Beer Garden at Shippan Landing will open Wednesday, July 30 at 4 pm!  The hours are 4-close Wednesday-Friday and at 2-close on Saturdays and Sundays!

Updated details!

• Opening is set for early July

• It’s a 15,000 square foot spot…damn!

• Designed by Rick Parisi of MPFP 

• Add in horseshoes to the games that you can play

• And, also add in Bodega and Melt Mobile to the list of rotating trucks.

• Hours will be W-F from 4-last call and Saturday-Sunday from 2-last call.

One of the most successful businesses to open last year was The Beer Garden @ Harbor Point from Imian Hospitality.  From the start, the venture was only a temporary one…kind of like a good-weather-pop-up spot.  Guess it was kinda like The Fault in Our Stars:  you know the girl’s gonna die (oops, spoiler alert), but you stick with her anyway because you dig her.  (p.s. no we didn’t watch the movie, but it’s pretty darn predictable.) And, while we had our criticisms of The Beer Garden such as the bathroom situation, the long lines, the limited beer selection, or the fact that it wasn’t really a beer garden, things did seem to improve as the summer went on. There was more beer, there was a better selection, lines were shorter, there were lots of events, and it became the ultimate stop for beer guzzlers who love food trucks. Okay, well, that’s true of every beer guzzler, but you get our drift, right?

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