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Killer Wings and Beer. ‘Nuff Said. Monster B’s – Stamford, CT

3 Jan

We first checked out Monster B’s over the summer when we were putting together the most awesome places to check out for craft beer experiences.  One of the most intriguing things about Monster B’s is the seemingly endless beer selection.  They have 30 rotating beers on tap and have more than 150 different bottles, too.  Which means you’ll have a lot of fun trying to work your way up on their Hall of Foam.  The first level, Silver, is earned for downing 100 beers, and earns you a picture on the Hall of Foam, a membership card, a t-shirt, $10% of all food orders for the year, and even $1 off draughts.  But, there are two more levels, too.  With greater power, comes greater benefits, too. ;)

But they don’t just stop at the beer, nope. They also have the Hall of Flame.  Yup, eat 12 insanely crazy redonkulously hot chicken wings and you’ll get put up on the Hall of Flame, right next to the Hall of Foam winners.  So, when my friend (and wing connoisseur) Paul Mueller was coming over for a manly, action-packed Saturday of watching the Stamford Harbor Parade of Lights show and watching The Muppets movie (errr), we knew we had to take him here.  He’s just about the most devout wing-nibbler that was ever created on this here Earth.  He even just took a roadtrip with his brothers to the original home of the buffalo hot wings:  Anchor Bar.  Yup.  I had these visions in my head of Paul and I, head to head, chomping down through the Hall of Flame challenge.

We asked our waitress to explain it again for us:  12 chicken wings, you can’t drink or eat anything during, and 10 minutes after, you eat the wings.  I looked up on the board:  only 3 people beat the challenge, while about 30 people tried.  I was thinking, eh, maybe, but then she described one person whose lips ballooned out and was in horrible pain all night.  So, we decided to just go with some regular hot wings, ribs, and burgers.  Wusses. :(

Buffalo Wings

These are some of the best wings that you’ll find anywhere, even better than Vinny’s Backyard BBQ in Stamford.  Better than a lot of wings we’ve had beyond CT. Yeah, they’re that good.  They were saucy, but not too saucy.  The sauce was a bit tangy, a bit sweet, and had lots of bite to it.  If you’re into pain and are sadomasochistic, try the Hero sauce.  It’s helluva spicy and will knock you on your tookis.  We ordered it on the side…smart move.  Kristien liked the wings a lot too!  They weren’t those mammothly meaty wings that some places serve and they weren’t overly breaded either.  Nope, just the right size, just the right amount of meat and so tender and juicy – not soggy and not too crispy. YUM!


Paul, ever the rabid carnivore and official Omnomivore too, was thinking about salad but then proudly declared he wouldn’t push the wussiness.  He got a 1/2 rack of baby back ribs.  Yeah, half a plate was enough, no doubt.  The ribs came to him, smothered in a sweet and tangy bbq sauce and they lay atop a bed of shoestring fries.  Paul and I agree that the sauce is decent, but there was just too much of it.  The taste of the ribs got lost, but they were still tender and you could easily pull the meat off the bone.  We learned that’s good at our Blues, Views, & BBQ judging gig.  The coleslaw was swimming and drowning in mayo.  Not a favorite of Paul or Kristien, who as you know is a coleslaw expert.


Kristien and I got burgers.  She’s a self-confessed burger purist, so she got it with her usual cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo and ketchup.  She thought it was just okay and didn’t have much flavor.  My guy was plain and simple too, with onions, tomato, and lettuce.  The beef was cooked a bit over medium for us.  Although there wasn’t a ton of flavor going on, it was still a decent enough burger for a bar. I would order it again to wash down a beer.  The fries, though, rocked it for me.  They were crispy and there were so many. I’m one of those people who can take down half the order of fries before even digging into the burger.


You might go crazy trying to figure out all the choices available here.  A good thing to do is start with the style of beer that you like, then ask your server or the bartender what’s good like that.  We love thicker, darker, stoutier, hoppier beers and they had a nice selection of those.  If you’re not sure that you’ll love a beer, you can usually ask for a small taste and try it out.  I like to be daring and just order it, then find out the results.  Kristien’s more cautious with her beer drinking, she doesn’t like hoppy or too light of a beer, but I still love her.  If she orders and doesn’t like it, I’m the default drinker-upper:  beer should not go to waste. ;)

Final Impressions

Monster B’s is a fun place to go with friends.  You can sit at the bar or sit down at some of the tables in the front of the house or in the back.  There’s darts, electronic shuffle board, and pool.  They have really killer wings and beer selection. The rest of the food is ok – but the wings and beer are so good they make up for it.  Also, you can reap some pretty impressive rewards just by keeping track of your beer consumption.  We know that Ryan from Food Plus Beer is on the Hall of Foam and  Jessica May from Alternative Control is a fan too.  So, we were wondering.  Have you made the Hall of Foam?  Do you have a goal to shoot for?  Maybe the Gold or even the Platinum level?  Let us know.

Noms:  3

Cost: $$

Monster B’s
487 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06906
(203) 355-1032
Hours:  Opens at 11 a.m.; closes Tue at 11 p.m.; Wed at 12 a.m.; Thu at 1 a.m.; Fri to Sat at 2 a.m.; Sun at 10 p.m.; Closed Mon
Site:  http://www.monsterbs.com/index.asp

Monster B's Bar & Grille on Urbanspoon

Come for the pizza, stay for the beer. Coalhouse Pizza–Stamford, CT

17 Mar

Unforgettable Pizza

You know, back in the day we never got the whole beer thing: the kickin’ back on the couch, watchin’ some football, sippin’ some cold brewskis like Bud, Coors Light, or PBR.  But then, then when we tried real beer, we were enlightened. And thanks to our own red-haired beer Buddha, Gerard, we’ve reached an even higher state of enlightenment! Gerard is one of the owners at Coalhouse Pizza,  and he has opened up a whole new world of beer and possibilities to us.

Looky Look! Those Look SOOOO Good!

If you’re a beer and pizza lover, Coalhouse Pizza is a go-to for you. First of all, there’s a beer club to join for $20 that gets you a heap of really cool discounts, specials, and a nice Coalhouse Pizza mug. Secondly, the beer selection here is killer. There are tons of choices, but also a really fun selection of beers that are rotating in and out of tap. Last of all, Gerard loves to float around from table to table and dispense his advice. He’s really great with food and beer pairings and he can really help you to discover new beers as long as you’re open to change. I was, so I went with a thick, heavy, Jack & Kens from Sierra Nevada that was on tap.

The Love Supreme

We started with some wings, half in Mojo Hot Sauce, the other in Chipotle BBQ . The wings here are pretty good, but different than any other wings you’ve probably ever had. They bread them with panko so they end up being really crispy and crunchy on the outside, but nice and juicy on the inside. The Chipotle wings had a sweet, smoky taste, cut with a very slight spiciness. The other wings, in Mojo, were still smoky tasting, but were much sweeter, and also spicier. We liked the Chipotle more, though we’d love it to be spicier because we LOVE heat. The Jack & Kens paired very well with the wings, making a great combo.

Before we could finish our wings, the Love Supreme salad came out. This was a good contrast to the heaviness of the wings. With spinach, almonds, golden raisins, onions, cilantro, and marinated artichoke hearts, a really light and tasty tomato dressing was served on top. This was a really nice salad and would be wonderful in the summer in their outside seating.

Behold the Cheesy Goodness

Then came the big boy: our Unforgettable pizza. Kristien and I were split on our opinions of this one. Start with a layer of Coalhouse-made vodka sauce, then throw in chunks of nitrate-free bacon, heaping amounts of pecorino romano, some fresh basil, then crank on some fresh black pepper. I loved the contrast in savory from the smoky chunks of bacon with the bite of the cheese, along with the thin crust. Kristien wanted more sauce and I could see what she was saying, but I still think it was a solid pizza. When we go here, I usually get the Crossroads and Kristien usually gets Kind of Blue, which is her own Kind of Heaven.

Really Not Ugly, Just Beautiful Handicapped

To end, Kristien went with her absolute favorite here and what she has claimed as the best cheesecake ever: Ricotta Cheesecake. This recipe is actually from the chef’s family, a Sicilian gem. It’s very different from any other cheesecake you’ve ever had, more authentically Italian. I had the Brutti Ma Buoni, “Ugly But Good.” Well, it wasn’t really ugly, but it was good. :) I had two nice scoops of Buck’s Strawberry ice cream, set between the ugly cookie. It’s a meringue, toasted almond cookie that was crispy, yet chewy at the same time. If you love strong almond flavors in your dessert, this is a good one to go with.

Coalhouse Pizza is the kind of place you could just keep coming back to on any ‘ole day to relax.  With the quality ingredients, often times locally sourced, and the variety of salads, pizzas, and beer you can come back often and try new things over and over. Always keep an eye out for paired beer dinners such as Sierra Nevada, Best of the Belgians, or the upcoming Oskar Blues dinner on March 21 for $60 pp. They’re ending with the TenFidy Stout–served up in a glass and also worked into some ice cream!  :)  Yum.  See you there.

Update, 4/3/11:  Coalhouse Pizza and Gerard featured on “Toni on New York.” Check end of video, but also shows Hope Pizza and Colony Grill before. We’ve also updated the nom rating to 3.5 because the food has definitely gotten better!

Noms: 3.5
Cost: $$$
Coalhouse Pizza
Address:  85 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone:  (203) 977-7700
Site:  www.coalhousepizza.com
$25 or more required for delivery within Stamford
$50 min for delivery for Greenwich, Cos Cob, Darien, New Canaan, Pound Ridge

Coalhouse Pizza on Urbanspoon

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