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OmNomCT: Best Blog 3 Years Running from CT Press Club!

25 Mar

Thank you CT Press Club!


Great news came in yesterday, OmNomivores!  We’ve been honored for the third year in a row with First Place Best Blog by the Connecticut Press Club.  Winning these awards and recognition from the CT Press Club means quite a lot to us.  That’s because entries are actually sent out of state and judged by editors, writers, and expert media professionals.  So, to be judged, consistently, as a blog that is at the top of its game is a major honor for us.  

Thank you CT Press Club for offering this contest and to Sherry Cohen for working so hard on organizing and making it all happen.  Also, we’d like to congratulate all the other winners who were honored with awards.  And, thank you to all our readers who make us what we are.  Love ya! ;) 

Literally behind the stick at Bistro 7 while guest bartending

That’s us!

Congrats to the 2013 CT Restaurant Association Winners

3 Dec

Every year The Connecticut Restaurant Association honors chefs, restaurateurs, and mixologists throughout the state that embody the best of the best in the culinary world.  And, last night they honored all of these great people at their annual CRA Salute to Excellence Award Dinner where the winners from five different categories were announced.  Down below you can find the winners along with the other semi-finalists.  Congratulations to all the people and restaurants involved!

Casual Restaurant of the Year:

OmNomCT Honored with 2013 Best Blog Award by CT Press Club

2 Apr

Last year we entered the CT Press Club Awards contest, not really sure of how we’d do.  We knew we loved writing, we knew that we gave lots of love and attention to our blog, but we weren’t sure how that would translate into a competition.  Would people see our passion?  Would they get us?  Would they understand what it means to be OmNomCT? :)

We were very honored and excited to learn that we won the Best Writing for the Web and Best Blog Awards for the 2012 contest.  So, we resolved to enter again this year, seeing how we’d fare against all the other great writers and bloggers in Connecticut.   Sherry Cohen shared the results tonight and, kids, we’re pretty psyched.

There, amongst the list of great writers, is Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro, OmNomCT.  First place, Best Blog 2013 (Personal).

Again, we’d like to thank Sherry and everybody at CT Press Club, all the out of state judges who spent countless hours reading through entries, and all our readers.  Without you, OmNomivores, none of this would be possible or worth it.

Here’s to another great year and here’s to all the other winners…and here’s a copy of the placement in the meantime!

CT Press Club Awards Snap Shot for Blogs

Dan and Kristien,


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