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Restaurant Week and Sun WineFest on the Way @ Mohegan Sun

1 Jan

The Sun WineFest 2013

Happy New Year, everybody!  We hope that 2012 was filled with lots of great times for you, but we also hope that 2013 is filled with even more awesomeness.  Maybe you made some resolutions, too?  Well, if two of your resolutions were to save money at restaurants and to check out some awesome food events, you can make your dreams come true before February even begins!  If these weren’t your resolutions, it’s still only January 1st and you can add just two.

Mohegan Sun Restaurant Week

Going down from January 6-11 with special deals, food, and offers.  Here are some great reasons to check out the restaurants at Mohegan Sun:

1)  Check out Hash House A Go Go, Mohegan Sun’s newest restaurant that touts “Twisted Farm Food.”   They’ll be featuring their HH Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles, “two sage-fried chicken breasts atop a bacon waffle tower with hot maple reduction and fried leeks.”

2) The classics:

3) Momma needs a new pair of shoes and that’s hard work.  You need to get some energy in that body to help you make that right “hit” or “stay” decision.  Don’t you want to hear lots of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinners”?

For full details on specials and menus, click here.


Mohegan Sun WineFest

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Bobby Flay + Melt Mobile Roll into Stamford for Surprise Appearance a Day Before Opening

29 Mar

*Click a pic to see the gallery of images*

Danny called me in desperation around 3:30.  “Kristien, you need to get out of work.  Stamford Downtown just said that Melt Mobile and Bobby Flay are going to be by Lucky’s tonight from 6:30-8:30.”  I slammed through my work, got home, gussied myself up (hey, I could get on camera after all), then we were off to take part in the cheesey awesomeness. Danny needed no further work, he just needed to put on his fancy fedora.

In depth look at that oozy gooey goodness of the sandwich. Divine.

When we got there, there was a huge crowd of people surrounding the Melt Mobile truck.  Bobby Flay’s production crew for his new series Three Days to Open coming out in July held up a sign that said if you’re standing here, you are agreeing to be shown on camera.  I used write these for my clients, so it’s funny being on the other side of it! We didn’t see anyone leave, you’d be crazy to leave…especially if you realized what was in store.  After a few minutes of waiting, the hungry mob was given permission to move forward and form some kind of blob-like line.  This is where Darwin’s theory comes in, though it was more survival of the hungriest.  We keed, we keed…it was a high-spirited group of foodicionados that chatted about their favorite restaurants, foods, and what they’d want to order here as we waited. In fact, we got to meet lots of our Facebook and Twitter foodie friends in person which was half the fun!

Darlene, co-owner, took orders as people got towards the front, while Diana and the Melt Mobile staff cooked things up.  Bobby was there, clapping away, giving tips, pushing them on to deal with this Stamford surprise crowd.  From time to time he would poke his head out, set out some tomato soup or sandwiches, and make sure they got sent to their rightful owners.  Chef Flay also helped out by grilling up the onions and mushrooms.  Come on, you know Bobby’s the grill master.  I got my hands on a tomato soup while we inched our way up.  Yeah, that’s ridiculously ridiculous tomato soup.  It’s creamy and tangy with a few chunks of tomato and some spices to round it out.  Just plain awesome, and I have had a LOT of tomato soup in my day!

Bobby Flay preps the tomato soup that will soon be handed out to hungry munchers

Danny and I introduced ourselves to Darlene, we hugged, and she called Bobby over.  We had a chance to talk for a second and Bobby thanked us for blogging about Melt Mobile and his show.  COOL! Back to reality, though.  We gave Darlene our order:  two Originals (plain) with bacon, sautéed onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  A few minutes later we had our sandwiches.  They were cheesy and nice n’ crunchy like grilled cheese should be!  The ingredients were fresh off the grill – the crispy bacon added a nice texture, the onions great flavor, and the tang of the fresh tomato and the earthiness of the mushrooms balanced the buttery/cheesy goodness out. Seriously amazing grilled cheese…we will DEFINITELY come back whenever possible!

The event went off without a hitch! We’d like to wish Darlene Andersen and Diana Hall all the luck in the world, but they won’t need it.  They’ve had lots of training and advice from Bobby Flay that we can witness in his new show.  And, hey, they were already just plain awesome anyway!

For those of you now drooling, you don’t have to wait any longer for Melt Mobile.  Stop by at 11:30, today, and you can be a part of their grand opening celebration.  You’ll be able to create Original sandwiches or nom away on some of their signature sandwiches that everybody present were raving about.  Thank you Melt Mobile, Food Network, and Bobby Flay for the soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Our post on The Bobby Flay Project

Our first post on Melt Mobile

Our post on Melt Mobile on The Bobby Flay Project

Melt Mobile

Veterans Park/Landmark Square Atlantic Street (across from Old Town Hall) in Stamford, Connecticut

Monday-Friday, 11 am – 4 pm

Visa, MasterCard, and cash accepted

Opening March 29, 2012

Melt Mobile site: http://www.meltmobilect.com

Melt Mobile FB:  https://www.facebook.com/MeltMobile

Phone:  (203) 609-1422

Available for private events, too!

Melt Mobile on Urbanspoon

Melt Mobile Scores TV Spot for New Bobby Flay Show, Three Days to Open

26 Mar

Update:  3 Days to Open starts July 13 at 10 pm.  Melt Mobile is featured on the July 20th episode.

A few weeks ago we got an e-mail from Food Network, asking us to spread the word about Bobby Flay’s new show, 3 Days to Open.  He’ll be following, training, and helping out a select group of food entrepreneurs from across the country for his new show (untitled as of now).  This open casting call was nationwide and we hoped that somebody from Connecticut would get a spot.

Just a few days after our post about a new gourmet grilled cheese food truck called Melt Mobile coming to Stamford, Darlene Andersen (co-owner) wrote us and said she and Diana Hall (co-owner) would meet with Bobby Flay’s people.  Well, it’s official, they will be on Bobby’s new show!  We wish them the best and look forward to seeing them on Food Network.  Also, we can’t help but think about how awesome those gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches will be…in our bellies.

They will be open for business on March 29 at the Veterans Park/Landmark Square area.  Thursday will have a special opening time of 11:30, so be sure to stop by, check out the cheesy goodness, and see why Bobby Flay is so interested in having these two talented women on his show!

Our post on 3 Days to Open

Our first post on Melt Mobile

Our post on Bobby Flay and Melt Mobile’s Surprise Visit to Stamford a day before opening

Melt Mobile

Veterans Park/Landmark Square Atlantic Street (across from Old Town Hall) in Stamford, Connecticut

Monday-Friday, 11 am – 4 pm

Visa, MasterCard, and cash accepted

Opening March 29, 2012

Melt Mobile site: http://www.meltmobilect.com

Melt Mobile FB:  https://www.facebook.com/MeltMobile

Phone:  (203) 609-1422

Available for private events, too!

Melt Mobile on Urbanspoon

Casting Call for Bobby Flay’s New Show, Three Days to Open, on Food Entrepreneurs

9 Mar
Update:  3 Days to Open starts July 20 at 10 pm.
Big news!  Are you planning on opening up a restaurant between March and June of 2012?  If so, Bobby Flay would like to work with you and put you on his new Food Network show called Three Days to Open.  Bobby will mentor a select cast of entrepreneurs a few days before their eateries open.  The chosen restaurateurs will not only receive excellent advice from Bobby (think of all the restaurants he owns and is chef for across the county), they will also get a ton of publicity.  One of the featured spots will be Stamford, CT’s own Melt Mobile!   Check out when they and Bobby hit up Stamford by surprise.
Those who are applying need to have heart, soul, passion, and vision.  So, if you’re planning on opening up your own restaurant and would like to be on Bobby’s show, look at the information from the press release below and check out more info at www.bobbyflayprojectcasting.com.  Casting is going on over the next few weeks, so chop chop!  Good luck and let’s show Bobby what Connecticut is made of!

From Press Release

To apply, please email us at BobbyFlayProjectCasting@gmail.com ASAP with the following information:
–   Your name and the name of everyone involved on your team

–   A recent photo of you and your team

–    A short bio on you and your team

–    The type of eatery you are opening (restaurant, bakery, food truck etc.) and type of food (Italian, cupcakes etc.)

–    Your approximate restaurant opening date and where you are in the process of opening

–    Contact information and current location

Mohegan Sun WineFest 2012 and $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway

19 Jan

Update:  there were 17 entries and we used random.org to generate a random winner.  #2 won so that means we should congratulate Melissa OBrien, the winner of the $100 gift certificate!

Danny and I have been to Mohegan Sun a whole lotta times, and thankfully our money has come back with us most of the time.  Yeah, my dad taught me well and I’ve pulled out some sweet wins at the blackjack tables.  But one of the best weekends we had at Mohegan Sun didn’t involve gambling at all. It was two years ago when we attended the Mohegan Sun WineFest.  There were seemingly endless tables upon tables (and floor upon floor) of wines, liquors, and food with celeb chefs like Robert Irvine and others doing demos.  Well, next weekend WineFest is back from Friday 1/27 to Sunday 1/29 so you can go get your drink on!

Here’s why, silly:

• Too many wines to count, ready for sampling.  Yeah, six pages worth!

•  Lots of beer and speciality liquor to try.  Yum!

Local restaurants and Mohegan Sun restaurants giving out food samples!

• Main stage demos (buy Grand Tasting ticket) by Food Network stars Bobby Flay, Iron Chef Marc ForgioneDonatella Arpaia and Robert Irvine

• Mohegan Sun WineFest Grape Stomp presented by Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka

•  Oyster Open presented by Bud Light Lime

• An amazing amount of talks, demonstrations, and general culinary awesomeness.

Want another reason to go?  We’re giving away $100 for you to use at ANY restaurant at Mohegan Sun. Yup, Bobby Flay’s Bar American, Todd English’s Tuscany, the brand-spanking new Ballo from John J. Tunney III, and so many more.  Just tell us your favorite beer (brewer and name) or favorite wine (vineyard and name) that doesn’t break the bank in the comments below.  The contest will end at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, 1/24/12. Oh, and the gift card can be used any time, not just during the WineFest.

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