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Meat Eating Contest for The Stamford Fire Safety Foundation Fund at Rodizio Grill, Stamford

6 Mar
Stamford Fire Safety Foundation
Update:  The “Last Man Standing” food eating contest is rescheduled for May 9.
Start stretching your stomach because May 9 this Thursday (3/7) at 7 pm there’s gonna be trouble…the gastronomical kind.  Yup, there will be a rotisserie meat eating contest.  We’re talking about Rodizio’s cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood selections that normally you’d get when you flip the cue over to green.  At stake is a $100 cash prize and free Rodizio Grill meals for an entire year.
Look at the steam coming off that sirloin!

Look at the steam coming off that sirloin!

Anyone can enter for $30 per person and meat-hungry onlookers can get the Full Rodizio (all you can eat meat and salad bar) for only $30.13…normally $34.99.  If you’d like to enter and think you’ve got the guts (literally), e-mail rodiziogrillct@gmail.com by 5/9.  A generous portion of the entry fees and meals will go towards The Stamford Fire Safety Foundation Fund.  This is a great organization to support because they provide free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Also, they give out fire prevention materials and give support to the fire departments in Stamford through safety initiatives.

Bartaco, Moja, and Safita to Open in Westport at National Hall Complex! Yeah Variety!

8 Oct

Porkslap Ale (it’s boss) with tacos at Bartaco Stamford

Update:  Moja is now open and bartaco is having a soft opening this week, 4 pm until closing with normal hours start with lunch on 6/17 at 11:30!


Located at 20 Wilton Road in Westport (the old Peter Coppola space & next door to Save the Children), bartaco opens its doors to the public today after 4pm for a soft opening. The 4pm opening time will take place all week and we will begin lunch service next Monday, 6/17 at 11:30am.

It’s been spinning around the rumor mill for over a year, but just a few days ago there was confirmation from Vanessa Inzitari of Westport Daily Voice:  Bartaco is coming to Westport.  This will be the fourth Bartaco to hit the streets, with one in West Hartford, one in Stamford, and the other in Port Chester.  The lease is now signed, so you’ll be able to get your drinks and get stuffed on tacos at 20 Wilton Road.  Although we were critical of Bartaco in our last review, we can always give the Westport location a shot.    

Moja sake, from their FB page

According to Vanessa’s article, Bartaco will open in the spring, perfect timing for the margaritas and drinks that lots of people rave about.  But, even if Bartaco isn’t your style, there will be two other choices of restaurants.  You could check out Moja:   Asian fusion with Brazilian flare.  Another great piece of news here is that it looks like they will have lots of custom and unique sakes!  According to their FB page (website is down right now), “Our mission at Moja is to deliver a healthy, fresh, unique eating experience based on asian cuisine with flavors from around the world, served in a vibrant, upbeat environment.”  We’re all on board with that.  

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Fantasy Footballize with Deals and Parties at Rodizio Grill in Stamford, CT

31 Aug

“Okay team, sure, we’re down by a few touchdowns, but when have we ever let that stop us?  We’re big, we’re strong…we’re from Connecticut.  Remember last week?  We came from behind and scored 3 touchdowns just minutes before the clock stopped tickin’.  So, look, we’re gonna do this!  We’re gonna do this!    We’re gonna do this by pushing ahead, dashing way past the goal.  See boys, we’re in this to win it.  I want you to get out there and win this game.  Remember, you might be only one person, but we’re a team.  We’re the Connecticut Seagulls.  No one, and I mean no one, can keep the Seagulls down!”

-Coach Omnomsky, Connecticut Seagulls

After this motivational speech in the locker room, the Connecticut Seagulls went on to win a record-breaking game with a total of 8 touchdowns.  Really, it was incredible and one for the record books.  You know, thinking back to Coach Omnomsky’s famous speech made us think about football and the joy that it brings millions of people in America. Continue reading

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