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1 year anniversary party at Bridge St. Wienery to include hot dog eating contest, music, and more

30 May

Has it been a year already?  A year of people stuffing Bridge St. Wienery hot dogs into their gullets, downing shakes, chomping away on fries, and noming on burgers.  Om nom nom nom.  If you’re not familiar with Bridge Street Wienery, definitely check out our review (“Get Thee to Bridge Street Wienery“) that made us break out into iambic pentameter.  And, after reading that and you’re not inspired, we’re sorry…there’s no hope for you. :P   So, if you’ve never been or if you’re a die-hard wiener-ite, you’ll want to visit them on Saturday, June 15.

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Get Thee to Bridge Street Wienery! Stamford, CT

5 Jul

The one, the only, the extraordinary…Tater Dog

If Shakespeare was writing plays today, his version of Hamlet would have Ophelia drowning her sorrows (pun certainly intended) away at Stamford’s new hot dog shop:  Bridge Street Wienery.  She would meet her demise by downing so many Tater Dogs, Chicaaago Dogs, and Doc Sabes Dogs that she’d burst wide open.  Alas, Shakespeare is gone from us, so it is up to us to continue his passionate work, writing in iambic pentameter about Bridge Street Wienery…or just pentameter, iambic is so 1600.

The History (Scene 1)

Two guys named Steve and Mike opened up shop,

alas, Benny’s Fast Break was sold to them

and now they’re selling hot dogs and burgers

in hopes of complete world domination

The Tater Dog (Scene 2)

Oh, fried and crispy tater tots on top,

laying on spicy and yummy chili,

onions strewn about, giving a nice kick.

The dog has that snap and lots of flavor.

The Chicaaago Dog (Scene 3)


It’s so much fun to say Chicaaago Dog,

try it now, you will say it all day long.

Sport peppers kick it up a few notches,

Tomatoes, pickles, chopped onions, relish,

Yellow mustard, celery salt, poppy seeds:

this wiener’s got the razzmatazz, no doubt.

The Doc Sabes Dog (Scene 4)

THE Doc Sabes Dog

Begin with a spicy red hot, oh yeah.

Sauteed onions and peppers, so good.

The snap, the heat, the chili on your shirt.

The Fries (Scene 5)

No caption needed

Crispy, seasoned well, with a little kick.

Get them piled with plenty of fresh cheese

and loads of spicy and meaty chili.

The Menu

For fear that our brains might break, we are departing from verse.  You can order Sabrett Natural Casing All Beef Dogs any way you’d like it with a selection of their 10 free toppings, 13 toppings at .59, and bacon, avocado, and chili at .99.  Kraut is .19 more and sauteed onion & peppers are .79 more.  Not bad.  Or, let Steve and Mike (who bought Benny’s from Bennett Salvatore after working there for a while) pick for you with their Dogs or Red Hot specials.

You’ll also find burgers on their menu that are made with all natural Angus beef.  Don’t feel like eating a big burger?  Create your own version in slider size (beef or pork).  They also have steaks that are served on an 8″ Italian wedge, different chicken subs, and tons of sides like onion strings, sweet potato fries, mac & cheese bites, tater tots and shakes, too, if you’ve got that sweet hankering.  Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Black & White, Oreo Cookie, and Orange Creamsicle are your choices.  We went with a creamy and frothy root beer float.  Cool thing:  you can just go back in and refill the root beer when the ice cream to soda ratio gets out of whack.

And, for dessert, try out their Italian ices or a beautiful array of fried things (mmm fried things):  Oreos, funnel cakes, brownies (served over vanilla ice cream), and bananas foster (also served over vanilla ice cream).  All in all, we were really happy with our visit.  Steve and Mike are super nice, eager to please, and the dogs are topped nicely.  We’ll definitely be back!  So, get thee to Bridge Street Wienery.

Bridge Street Wienery
Noms: 4.0
Cost: $$
Address: 17 Bridge Street
                 Stamford, CT
Phone:  (203) 569-4990
Hours:  Monday-Saturday, 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday, 11:30 am – 8 pm

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