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Black Rock Day 2014: Bed Races, 5K, a Parade, and Food…Lots of Food

4 Jun
Back...and better than ever!

Back…and better than ever!

On Monday we told you about the opening day of the Black Rock Farmers’ Market, so we couldn’t just skip talking about the ever-popular Black Rock Day…now could we? Pssh, of course not!  When we lived in Black Rock, this was THE event of the year:  the one that we looked forward to all year long.  One year we even got to be judges to see who put on the best themed party along the parade route.  Well, let’s just say we drank quite a few drinks and spent the rest of the day as incapacitated lumps on our couches.

Well, get ready because Black Rock Day is back this year and is going down this Sunday, June 8!  There are lots of different things going on, so get ready:

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