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Megan D’Amico Opens up J’aime Ca Cakes and Bakes Goodness in Norwalk

10 Jan
J'aime ca cake bakery pictures

Just some of the cakes that Megan has created (from the J’aime ca cake Facebook page)

If you’ve been to Bar Sugo in Norwalk, chances are you’ve been greeted by the warm smile of Megan D’Amico. She began there as General Manager and soon took charge of the wine portfolio, expanding the popular Norwalk spot with more wine and even vino-focused dinners. While she has done amazing work there, Megan is still up for other challenges and wants to expand her culinary focus, too.

She shared with us, “I grew up with my mother who has a passion for art and is a great artist and my father who owned his own deli and catering so it was natural for me to fuse the two and go to CIA for Baking and Pastry Arts Management.  I knew I wanted to do baking and pastry since freshman year of high school…and my fiancé [Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo] gave me the motivation to get started in a new direction.”

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Forever Sweet Bakery Finds Their Forever Home in Norwalk

25 Apr

You’re all in for a real sweet treat.  Forever Sweet Bakery (formerly Sweet Endings) has set up their very own location in Norwalk at 4 New Canaan Avenue.

You might remember we wrote about their awesome cupcakes, cookies, and treats when they were at Stamford Town Center.  While they moved out, they took up shop and based themselves out of Scoop Cafe in Stamford.  During this time, they were able to get their cupcakes placed in many restaurants and were able to make lots of custom cakes and grow a steady customer base.

Frances Mercede, baker/owner extraordinaire, recalls what it was like to see the building at 4 New Canaan Avenue:  “When Sky showed me the space, I knew this would be a great home for Forever Sweet Bakery.”   But, that doesn’t mean it was easy to get things rolling.  Sky (co-owner, husband of Frances, media specialist, awesome guy all around) immediately got to work with friend Ted Sihpol and built a wicked awesome bakery.  One of the Forever Sweet Bakery customers said, in fact, “This is the nicest looking bakery I have seen.”

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Whose Cake Reigns Supreme at the Darien Library? We’ll Help Decide!

13 Apr

Chocolate Cake Slice with Raspberries

Have your cake and eat it too?  Yeah, we can handle that!  Especially because the Darien Library is having one of the most epic book events that has ever been created.  This is all part of their program, One Book, One Community–bringing Darien together through reading the same book.  The novel this time around is City of Thieves by David Benioff.  Erin Shea, Head of Adult Programming, explains, “Colonel Grechko tells Lev and Kolya that he will give them their freedom if they bring him a dozen eggs for his daughter’s wedding cake.”

A natural extension of this was to create their own kind of challenge…a cake baking competition.  Participants will bring in a homemade cake that will be offered up for judging by OmNomCT and a representative from CTBites.  We’ll be judging the cakes based on taste, appearance, texture, creativity, and the name.  Don’t fret, though.  There’s plenty of cake for everybody to try, too.  Did we mention that the winner will be able to snag $100?

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