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Holy Cannoli! Meriano’s Cannoli Truck Storms Connecticut!

23 Aug

There truly is a God…from Meriano’s Cannoli Truck FB page

Update:  Meriano’s Cannoli Truck is coming to Fairfield County in October for a visit!  Follow them (info below) to find out where first.  

Cannoli are, arguably, the most amazing creations on Earth.  Since childhood, any good Italian with a proper upbringing was introduced to these amazing treats.  If you weren’t, vergogna per la famiglia.  If, by the odd chance you weren’t lucky enough to be born Italian, you probably eventually learned about cannoli and became as obsessed by them as we are.  If there’s ever cannoli on a restaurant’s menu, best believe we are ordering it.  If we’re ever near a cannoli, our Italiano-radars can sense them.  Whether they have a plain shell or a chocolate covered shell, a plain filling, bits of orange zest inside, or are flavored in funky and fun ways, we want them…want them bad.  Any way you love you cannoli, Meriano’s Cannoli Truck (yes, a food truck that started in June) has you covered.

Regular cannoli filling with regular shell or chocolate covered?  Check!

Oreo, peanut butter, chocolate strawberry, Snickerdoodle, Mounds bar, coconut sangria, or coconut cream pie cannoli?  Check!

Specials from the Meriano’s Bake Shoppe like tiramisu squares, sfogliatelli, gluten-free pignoli cookies, or eclairs?  Check!

It’s safe to say that this brand new food truck will be taking Connecticut by storm.  The brains behind this amazing testament to Italian pastries and goodness are Anthony, Liz, and Andrea Meriano.  While their parents started Meriano’s Bake Shoppe in 1988 in Guilford, their children have taken it a step further by taking the Meriano name on the road.  But, it’s not just about cannoli or selling their pastries.  They have a deeper cause.  They lost both their parents, Tony and Betty, to cancer.  Coming together, they wanted Meriano’s Cannoli Truck to have a cause, to have heart.  So, whenever you buy cannoli or pastries from the truck, they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven to help eradicate cancer.

Keep track of their truck by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter!  They’re very good about listing where they’re at.  So far they’ve been to New Haven, Guilford, Madison, at the Lyme Farmers Market, and even the Shoreline Wine Festival where we first learned about them.  Also, if you want to hire them for a party, check out their cannoli packages.  

So, we wanna know, what’s your first or best cannoli experience?  Ours would have to be during our honeymoon when we had a freshly made cannoli in Rome.  Madon!  Then again, the pregnant cannoli that Dan’s parents ordered for his Eagle Scout party was pretty wicked, too.  It was a giant cannoli with about 50 cannoli inside.  Madon!

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