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Growler Fills NOW at Cask Republic Stamford; Growler Care + Tips

7 Jul

Starting today (that’s July 7) at 4, Cask Republic Stamford will start filling growlers for customers who want to take the party home with them. This is happening now as a result of the new CT liquor laws that we broke the news on with the passing of this year’s budget. 

To get your fill, just bring a clean growler with you and select from any of the specially marked and priced beers on the menu. They’ll pour sip into your growler, you take it home, then you’re all set. In related news of awesomeness, Cask Republic isn’t ruling out the notion of letting people fill up on growlers of the big guys, you know the ones: Fuzzy Baby Ducks, Sip of Sunshine, Dogfish anything, Lunch, and anything else that people go crazy over. 

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Tapping into an exclusive preview of Cask Republic Stamford

6 Dec
Panoramic view of the draft room at Cask Republic
Panoramic view of the draft room at Cask Republic

Update:  Cask Republic Stamford opens on Thursday, 12/19! 

Do you see that picture?  That’s the draft room that’s downstairs at the soon to open Cask Republic (see our intro post) in Stamford.  We were both overwhelmed when we toured this room with General Manger Casey Doheme, so we can’t imagine what it will be like with kegs and bottles stored inside.  So, let’s talk about those draft lines, huh?  Cask Republic will have the capability to have 60 different brews on tap!  They’ll have 52 lines (one is devoted to their rotating casks) that go straight to the main bar, then 8 that will go to the side/private bar.  One of the slickest features of this setup is that with special Y valves, the draft lines can be shared between both bars.  So, they can mirror some brews that are at the main bar or have 8 different ones available too.  Plus, they’ll have some nitro lines as well as warm beer lines that will suit Belgian beer very well.

Renato Oven at Cask Republic Stamford

Welcome to the largest kitchen of all of Christian Burns’ restaurants. Yes, bigger than Cask Republic in New Haven, and bigger than both Ginger Man in Greenwich and Norwalk. It’s absolutely massive, so that will be a huge advantage to Executive Chef Carl Carrion and all kitchen staff. One of the items that will be on the menu will be the short rib meatballs that we couldn’t get enough of at the Community Plates Food for All fundraiser. You can also expect a nice portion of their menu to be cooked in their Renato wood-burning brick oven stove that they inherited from Ferrante.  While the menu is in the finishing phase, you can expect moderate prices that won’t leave you broke.  Christian said this will be a great option for people because you can come in for a few drinks and a few snacks without paying too much and leave satisfied. He also noted that the menu is versatile because you could sit down for a while, have drinks, and have a large meal too.

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