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Adam Richman Talks with OmNomCT ’bout Burgers, NYC, the Greenwich Wine & Food Fest + more!

18 Sep
The legend, Adam Richman (Photo credit:  Travel Channel)

The legend, Adam Richman (Photo credit: Travel Channel)

We’ve come across plenty of people in the food world who amaze us. Chefs whose culinary creativity blow our minds, oenophiles whose brains are virtually wine encyclopedias, brewers that can taste the slightest variation in their brews, and people who can give you a killer restaurant recommendation (with corresponding menu item) to any city in the whole frickin United States in less than 3 seconds flat. That last one describes the one, the only, Adam Richman. In terms of knowing all the great spots to eat across America, he’s a legend. From taking down legendary meals in Man vs. Food, to searching for the best sandwiches in Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America, to traveling across the country to find the best grub in The Traveler’s Guide to Life, it’s tough to find a more knowledgable dude.

Now, while we’re sure you all know Adam from one of those shows, or maybe even his new NBC show, Food Fighters, where experienced home cooks go up against talented and well-known chefs, you’ll all get to know him a little bit more at the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival.  He will not only be doing a demo there (he dishes about what he’s making in this interview) at 3:30 on 9/27, but he’ll also be the host of the Burger Battle that starts at 4:30 the same day.

To prep you for the big day we asked him some serious questions about how to make and where to get a great burger, his favorite baseball team (and the only team that matters)…the Yanks, prime spots to get food in his hometown Brooklyn, his new show, how he keeps things so healthy, and his plans for complete world food-domination.

Kristien: So, obviously we know why they picked you as the perfect judge for the Burger Battle at the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival…you know your way around a burger for sure.  We wanted to know, though, what do you really look for in a good burger?

Adam Richman: You know, I think everything has to be balanced. Sometimes you’ll find these burgers where it’s an average burger and an average bun with a pitchfork full of toppings. Or, sometimes the bun is overwhelming, or the burger is falling out. I think that it has to be balanced. I think that you can over topping a burger.  Because everything, more or less, can go on a burger…it doesn’t mean everything should.

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Epic Interview with Cooking Channel’s Loveable Mo Rocca

19 Dec
Mo Rocca and Ruth Teig during an episode of My Grandmother's Ravioli, Courtesy Cooking Channel

Mo Rocca and Ruth Teig during an episode of My Grandmother’s Ravioli, Courtesy Cooking Channel

Mo Rocca:  he’s the man who doesn’t need any introduction.  But, you know how this works…we’re going to give you one anyway.  Mo Rocca’s all over your TV and there is no doubt that you’ve seen him, laughed at his jokes, or even smirked with him in agreement.  Maybe you were obsessed with his writing on the children’s show Wishbone, his special reports on The Daily Show, his spot on jabs at pop culture on VH1 specials, his humorous and insightful comments while a judge on Iron Chef, his human interest stories on CBS Sunday Morning (did you see the professional pencil sharpener story?), his show Food(ography), or his brand new show on Cooking Channel, My Grandmother’s Ravioli? Phew, busy man!

However you’ve come to know Mo Rocca, it’s hard not to love him.  His boyish charm, his wit, and his natural ability to tell stories make him the geektastic star of the TV world.  He’s definitely showing all these qualities off in My Grandmother’s Ravioli, a Cooking Channel show that features how-to cooking lessons from a different grandma or grandpa each week.  Along the way, we learn about these interesting people and Mo becomes their adoptive grandson.

Well, we had an opportunity to talk with Mo Rocca about what has made him successful, why he moved over to the culinary world, why he named a show after his grandma’s raviolis, some of his most memorable moments on camera, and some great advice for holiday meals.

You received your B.A. in Literature from Harvard.  Some say that will prepare you to do well on Jeopardy questions, but clearly it has done a lot more for you.  How would you say your Lit. degree and your time at Harvard helped get you to where you are today?

(Hesitates and takes a deep breath)  Great question.  I feel like my whole career has been a continuing education program. I don’t mean that in some kind of airy fairy abstract sort of way…I’m drawn to jobs and projects where I end up learning stuff.  I’m especially drawn to areas where I know nothing at all. I’m one of those people that would have benefited, perhaps, more from my fancy college education if I had it later in life. I had all these great professors, took all these courses, some of them with world-class scholars, teaching.   But, I couldn’t really take advantage because I wasn’t completely ready.

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