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Win Grilled Cheese for Life and $10,000 for Charity with Cheeseboy

18 Jul
Cheeseboy's Tomato and Basil.  I'm in love.

Cheeseboy’s Tomato and Basil. I’m in love.

Since they began in Boston in 2009, Cheeseboy has sold well over a million grilled cheese sandwiches.  That’s two million pieces of bread, countless sticks of butter, and a few million cheese slices.  And, with the opening of the Cheeseboy at the 95N service area in Darien (95S is on its way too), you have to believe those numbers will keep growing and growing.  With so much success, Cheeseboy thought long and hard about how to give back to all the fans of their grilled cheese sandwiches.  And, what they came up with very well might change your life:

We’re talking ’bout one of the gooiest contests to have ever existed!  The winner will get to pick a charity to receive $10,000 and will win a free grilled cheese sandwich, once a week, for life.  All you need to do is answer, “What would you do for a million grilled cheese sandwiches?”  The contest goes until August 31, 2013 and asks you to answer that question in 200 words or less.  All you need to do is head over to www.GrilledCheeseForLife.com then share your thoughts.  According to a recent press release, “Entries will be judged on their creativity in response, appropriateness, and viability of their charitable initiative.”

And, we’ve got something else great to share.  There are five runner ups for this contest too and they will receive a free grilled cheese sandwich once a month for a year.  Of course you’ll want to win a lifetime supply, but the consolations prize ain’t too shabby, now is it?

We wish you luck…and may the cheese be with you.

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