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Casting Call: Chopped Needs Professional and Amateur Chefs

1 Aug

Food Network is looking for some Chopped champions.  People who can think quickly, creating a meal from scratch based on just a select few ingredients.  This time around on the show, though, they won’t be looking just for professional chefs to win the $10,000 dollar prize.  Chopped will be changing things up with special themed episodes just like the recent Chopped Grill Masters.  These are the possible themes for shows that you could end up cooking on:

  • Amateur Chefs
  • Teen Cooks
  • Military Chefs
  • Culinarily-Creative Moms
  • Formerly Overweight Chefs Who’ve Slimmed Down
  • Unsung Hero Chefs, Cooking for a Cause
  • Families That Cook
  • Family Feud

All you need to do is click here to get to the casting call, answer the questions, then wait for your call from Food Network.  Just like Melt Mobile did with Bobby Flay’s new show 3 Days to Open, let’s show the country what Connecticut is made of.  Also take note that there are also professional chefs wanted.

So, time for your mystery box challenge!

What would you cook with these ingredients?

Pork shoulder




Raspberry jelly

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