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Cluck Yeah! Mayor Finch Proposes Bridgeporters Can Raise Chickens

28 Mar
Picture of a chicken

This lil’ buddy could be making her way to a backyard in Bridgeport. Photo from Microsoft Clip Art

Why did the chicken cross Route 1?  I don’t know, it’s kind of congested, but it’s sometimes better than taking 95, but then again, it could be worse because you hit all those traffic lights and then you’re waiting, also, when you sometimes get stuck behind slower drivers, but then again, 95 can be pretty clear at times, too…wait, what was the question?

Yes, back to chickens.  Mayor Finch of Bridgeport has made a decision that hasn’t gone over easy with some Bridgeport residents and has ruffled some feathers of fellow poultry-purist politicians, but has others clucking with excitement.  A recent proposal will allow Bridgeporters to raise up to six hens for the purpose of gathering eggs for personal use.  I suppose if you love them as just pets, that’s fine too…hey, we’re not gonna judge ya.  Roosters, on the other hand, are not allowed.    Must…resist…cock…jokes…

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