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Hot Stuff: Chili Cook Off & Wing Fling Next Thursday + You Can Win Tix

25 Oct

Congratulations to Steve Draper, check your e-mail for info on claiming those two tix!

Cancel any plans that you have for next Thursday, because the Chili Cook Off & Wing Fling takes all precedence over anything. Don’t believe us? They have wings and chili from local restaurants, and they have beer and liquor tastings to warm ya up even more (more details below)! Tickets are just $35, but increase to $40 on Thursday, so grab ’em today! The night goes from 6-9 at The Waterview at 215 Roosevelt Drive in Monroe, so there’s plenty of time to drink and eat up.

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2015 Stamford Charity Chili Cook-Off Heating up SM+NC on November 1

20 Oct

Stamford Chili Cookoff

Okay, we know. We saw your Facebook pictures of 3 snowflakes in the air on Saturday, freaking out because of the snow. Yeah, how crazy, right? Snow when it’s cold out! So crazy! But, you know what’s not crazy . . . do you know what is freaking awesome? The Stamford Charity Chili Cook-Off! Continue reading

Chili Cook-off at Unitarian Universalist Church in Stamford to benefit The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County- 10/15/11

6 Oct

Chili lovers, aficionados, and chefs rejoice! The Chili Cook-off is going down on Saturday, 10/15/2011, from 12-3 at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Stamford.  If you plan on competing, eating, or judging, you need to gather up your non-perishable goods and $5.  They’ll be collecting at the door for entrance to help support The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.  If you are without can or item, fear not…they will also take donations of $10 for entrance.  Be the badass who brings in both a donation and a non-perishable item and you get instant karma.  Cha ching.  Who doesn’t need some instant karma?

Now, we all know that chili is a controversial subject, ya heard?  People like sweet, or like spicy, or like it with venison, or like it with exotic spices.  Some people just like Hormel.  The cooks who are competing have quite a task:  serve up the best tasting chili around.  The competition is stiff, but we’ve got the goods on one of the chilivores, Joey Kuntz.  Joey is not only an Omnomivore, but he also runs two of his own blogs:  Joey K’s Place and Joey K on the Environment.  His topics on both blogs range from his own poetry, to food, to the environment, and to life’s little insights.

Now, even though this is his second year, he’s already learned a lot.  One of the most important lessons:  cook lots of food to feed the masses!  He doesn’t want to leave people high, dry, and begging for his chili so he’s making tons of greatness for you.  That’s even more reason to come by, see?  His secret for good chili:  “Taste, taste, taste!”  He adds in that he likes the heat in chili, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good.  This year he’s heating up some bowls of more traditional chili with some nice smokey flavor.

Joey, good luck, make all the Omnomivores proud.  We’re cheering you on!  If you see him there, stop by and try his chili.  We wish we could be there, but we’ll have to get together with Joey another time to try his chili.  Deal? ;)

Update:  Joey didn’t win, but the ingredients that he posted up on his blog look redonkulous.  

October 15, 2011
Unitarian Universalist Church
20 Forest Street
Stamford, CT 06901
 (203) 348-0708 

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