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Hunter Zampa of Stamford Wins Chopped: Teen Talent

11 Dec


The Mystery Baskets were carefully chosen before Chopped:  Teen Talent aired.  If you had looked at the ingredients before the teenage contestants viewed them, you’d probably think there wasn’t much that tied them together. But, somehow, they had to find their way through three rounds of this classic culinary competition.  And, you better believe the talented youngsters were going to fight hard with a $40,000 scholarship to The International Culinary Schools at the Arts Institutes at stake.  What, just what, would you do with these ingredients?

Appetizer basket:  broccoli rabe, cherry flavored drink, swordfish, tiger figs

Entrée basket:  filet mignon, heirloom tomatoes, jarred black truffles, toaster pastries

Dessert basket:  cotton candy grapes, cream cheese, salt bagels, strawberry mints

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