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Over 30 Restaurants Compete to See Who’s ChowdaBEST @ Chowdafest 2016

14 Sep



Om nom nom . . .

You know it’s officially fall when Chowdafest, the most badass and decadent chowder fest in New England, comes back to CT. This year Chowdafest continues right at Sherwood Island State Park (the second year there) on October 2 from 11-3. Tickets are a measly $15 or $5 for kids (AAA saves you 20%) . . . and we can guarantee that you’ll eat way more than that in chowders, soups, samples, and more while you’re there. Plus, a portion of proceeds benefit the food rescue work of Community Plates, as well as Friends of Sherwood Island and Kids Helping Kids Foundation. Now, let’s get down and dirty and dig into this steaming hot bowl of awesomeness that is Chowdafest 2016: Continue reading

Chowdafest VII 2014: Recap, Winners, Results + Our Faves at Calf Pasture Beach

13 Oct
Chowdafest Collage 2014 VII

Click through to see a full album of competitors, soups, and other good stuff!

This past Sunday just might have been the perfect fall day. The air was crisp (but not too cold), the sun was shining bright, and the leaves had just started to flame into color. Oh, and it just so happened to be the day when Chowdafest scuttled down by the water at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk. The same Chowdafest that started off at a church, then at a school, quickly grew to Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, then grew so big this past February that they needed to expand to an even bigger venue…and that takes us Chowdafest VII!

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Chowda heats up Star 99.9’s Big Jim and Anna w/ Souper Fridays

9 Jan

Chowdafest 2014 Contestants

Big Jim and Anna (picture taken before they downed 32 different bowls of soup) – pic from Big Jim and Anna’s FB page

As if listening to Star 99.9’s Big Jim and Anna show (5:30-10 am) didn’t wake ya up enough and get you that blast of energy to power through the day, they’ve gone and made it bigger and oh so steamy.  That’s ’cause they’ll be sampling 32 of the hottest bowls of soup here in Connecticut every single Friday.  No, they won’t be trying all of them at the same time, but will try 8 bowls that will be featured at Chowdafest every Souper Friday.  

Here’s the schedule along with the categories and the soups that Jim and Anna will be slurping on:

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Got Spoon? Nomworthy List of ChowdaFest 2014 Finalists Named

3 Dec

ChowdaFest 2014

ChowdaQuest, the quest for the fest, was a huge success this year and it placed some amazing restaurants into the 2014 ChowdaFest competition through your votes.  Going down on SOUPer Bowl Sunday, 2/2, from 11 am to 3 pm, ChowdaFest VI promises to be even more awesomerest than last year!  Tickets will be just $10 and benefits The Connecticut Food Bank!  We’ll have more details to share with you shortly, but in addition to everything that makes Chowdafest great like sampling chowders and voting for your favorites, there are tons of new things that you’ll love!  And, speaking of liquid goodness, check out the winning competitors for ChowdaFest 2014 to be held at Webster Bank Arena:

New England Clam Chowder:

Bernard’s (Ridgefield) – first year

Donovan’s (Norwalk) – defending champion

Go Fish (Mystic) – first year

Guvnor’s Brewery (Norwalk) – first year

Mansion Clam House (Westport) – 2 time champ

Old Post Tavern (Fairfield)

Rory’s (Darien)

Wood’n Tap (Orange and various locations) – first year

Traditional Chowder (Manhattan/RI only):

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5th Chowdafest Moves to Webster Bank Arena and Plans to Become Biggest Food Event in Northeast

10 Jan

Chowdafest Logo

The winners and our recap is in!

What started as a tiny event that featured some local restaurants’ soups and chowders with just 400 people attending, soon turned into an event at Bedford Middle School that featured many different CT restaurants and had about 5,000 people attend.  That’s some big growth, especially when you consider that the attendance for last year’s event was 40% more than Chowdafest 3.  Put in different terms, there were 600 gallons of chowder and soup served with almost 50% more money raised for the Connecticut Food Bank from the proceeds.  Believe it or not, Chowdafest 4 (2012) was so well attended that they had to turn 1,000 people away because of being over-capacity and parking limitations.

Chowda Chick from Rory's in Darien at Chowdafest IV

Chowda Chick from Rory’s in Darien at Chowdafest IV

Well, that won’t be an issue this year!  Chowdafest 5 will be held at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport on February 3 (SOUP’er Bowl Sunday), the holiest day of the year for football lovers but now also for chowder lovers.  Don’t worry, though, it will be going on from 11 am to 4 pm, so there will be plenty of time to get your party ready or head back to the house/bar before the game begins.  Tickets are just $10 for adults, $5 for kids 6-12, and free for kids aged five or younger.  Spoons and a voting card will be provided.  Just bring your entrance fee, a healthy (or unhealthy) appetite, and some non-perishable food donations to help support the Connecticut Food Bank.  

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Chattin’ ’bout Chowda with Chowderkids!

16 Feb

One of the best parts about being food bloggers is that we get to meet lots of other awesome foodies. And while we love each of our fellow foodies in their own unique way, none are quite as irresistibly  adorable and super cool as the “ChowderFamily”!

Who’s the ChowderFamily you ask? Psh, only the owners of Chowderkids, the most chowderific blog in Fairfield County (and the world) devoted to the love of all things chowder (well, New England style that is – but more on that later)!

We first came across Chowderkids on Twitter when we were talking about  how psyched we were for Chowdafest IV! But it wasn’t until we discovered that the brains and talent behind Chowderkids are two adorable kids (a dynamic brother and sister team) and their supportive and equally adorable parents, that we KNEW we had to get to know them!  See how it all began.

So in true blogger fashion, we set up a quick interview with the family to share with you so you can become as big fans of them as we are! Here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop!

What do you enjoy so much about chowder?
ChowderBoy: The clams. I love the clams. But I like the creamy, kind of thin, not too much clams, bacon, and overall yumminess. Mostly, I like to go to restaurants and if we have to try chowder, then we get to go out to eat more. And sometimes we take fun trips too. Like to Newport. Next year, mom says we can go to Ireland if they have another big festival.
ChowderGirl: I like very creamy chowder with a lot of butter and tons of salt.
What pushes you on to try chowder, even after you’ve had probably close to over 300 bowls?
ChowderBoy: I have no idea. I just keep eating it. But I’m not going to stop eating it.
Have you really had over 300 bowls?  We just made that up, just a guesstimate.
ChowderBoy: It’s a lot, but it not THAT much. Yet. Maybe we will get to 300 this year? (Turns to Mom) – How many more do we need to get to 300? Maybe we should do that. A chowder countdown.
ChowderGirl: I think we’ve had like…557 bowls.
ChowderMom: I am going to get technical. We have done about 120 different reviews and didn’t break out some of the individual ones. While we were talking about chowders we have loved, I thought of a bunch that I never reviewed and wish I could go back and review the chowder on the ferry from LI to New London. But I think it’s probably about 150 total different chowders. If I had to guess how many TOTAL bowls we have consumed, it is probably close to 250 each. We go to the same places a lot and don’t review them.
ChowderDad: I’m going to guess 200 different chowders.
Where’s the craziest or most fun spot that you’ve ever had some chowder?
ChowderBoy: This is too confusing for me to answer.  We have had so much chowder in LOTS of places. Like, weird places. Everywhere. We’ve had chowder on boats, sitting on fences, baseball games, and at a pool. We had chowder while waiting for a hurricane. We even had chowder at Lake Compounce but that was really gross. You don’t want to throw up chowder on a ride. The best time was when I got new Bey Blades and Mom took me to a movie at the Falmouth restaurant movie place (The Falmouth Cinema Pub). We ate chowder IN THE DARK!!! You could not see anything but the chowder was very very good. The movie was great  too. It was Zookeeper but Mom keeps calling it Zoolander.
ChowderGirl: We had some on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard once. That was very fun.
ChowderMom: I had “The World’s Best Chowder” at LAX. It was horrible. The worst thing was that I’d had a realllllllly long day where I wasn’t allowed to eat Southern California food (there’s a “scene” on Facebook where I take pictures of all the restaurants I wasn’t allowed to go to). BUT, on a positive note, the 7th fame of the Eastern Conference finals was on and the Bruins won.
ChowderDad: Even though the chowder was terrible, the Chowder Festival at the Melody Tent in Hyannis was really fun. Well, it wasn’t fun at the time.
When we’re having too much BBQ and can’t go on anymore, we say that we’ve hit the meat wall.  What kind of wall did you hit when you were chomping away on all 29 chowders at Chowdafest and couldn’t take much more?
ChowderBoy: At Chowdafest, I hit the “full wall” of being full of chowder. I couldn’t eat any more. It has never happened to me before that I couldn’t eat more chowder. I can eat 2 or 3 bowls sometimes in one sitting. I have finished almost every bowl I ever tried. I even finished the most disgusting one at Chowdafest. And it was really gross. I just had to finish it. But we had to go because Mom and Dad and ChowderGirl were full and annoyed. Daddy hit the Nauseous Wall.
ChowderMom: It’s true. He has never met a chowder he REALLY doesn’t like. In fact, I am kind of not sure what to do with him now because half the time he just says AWESOME. He is too nice sometimes.
ChowderDad: I felt as if I had way too many tastes and flavors floating around in my stomach. I had to lay down after.
Quick: bacon or no bacon in NE Clam Chowder?
ChowderMom: As I was reading this question out loud to him, he cut me off as soon as I said “bacon or no”. Bacon! BACON!!! Very quick.
ChowderBoy: I love bacon. I love dead pig in general. Dead pig is one of my favorite things to eat. I think you can make anything better with bacon. Except catsup or mustard. That would be gross. Bacon is almost as great as chowder. You know what is good? Colony Pizza with bacon. That is the best.
ChowderGirl: Sometimes it is good, sometimes it isn’t.
ChowderDad: Is that even a question? Bacon.
And last, but not least – Thoughts on Manhattan Clam Chowder?
ChowderBoy: (Blurgheeeeshhh*) Why would I ever want to try red chowder? Even though I already tried it. It was horrible. No one should eat it or make it or anything. If we go to the football field Chowder Festival (he’s talking about Long Beach), I am not going to eat the bad side.
ChowderMom: How do you write out a guttural blech kind of noise but with more disgust and horror? That was the first thing he did.
ChowderDad: Oh it is horrible. Why would you ask that? It’s like soup. And it’s a crime against clams.

Spice it up and vote for your favorite restaurants at the 1st annual Chilifest, 2011!

22 Oct

From Chilifest Weebly Site

Looking for info on the 2014 Chilifest in Westport?

Think that Chowdafest is freakin’ awesome?  Take that same concept of a spoon, pencil, and a judging card, and a huge appetite and now om nom on some chili!  Yup, that’s right, the first annual Chilifest is coming soon to Westport.  You’ll be voting on two categories:  creative and traditional.  The chiliarians this year?  Quite an impressive list:  Ash Creek Saloon, Bobby Q’s, Brewhouse, Chili Bomb, DaPietro’s, Nicholas Roberts, Old Post Tavern, The Lime, The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood, and Wilson’s BBQ.

It’s hard to say who will have the edge here.  You’d think with a name like Chili Bomb, the new Fairfield eatery would have the edge, but look who else is in the mix.  You’ve got a Chowdafest winner (Nicholas Roberts) and you’ve got solid BBQ joints.  No doubt  we’ll be on hand to taste and taste and taste and judge a bit.  But, it’s really about tasting and tasting and tasting.  After we’re done, though, we’ll drive with the windows down if ya know what we mean.

Oh, and mark your calendars (or subscribe to our Google cal) now.  The 4th annual Chowdafest is 2/4/2011!

Saturday, 10/29/2011 from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

$6 for adults, $5 for seniors,$2 for kids (5-17)

Address:  Unitarian Universalist Church

                      10 Lyons Plains Road

                     Westport, CT

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