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The Bacon Yule Log Will Make Your Holiday 1000% Better! Watch It Here!

24 Dec

There’s always something amazing about Christmas Eve, isn’t there?  For children, it’s a holiday that will burst you on the inside while you wait in anticipation.  For parents, it’s a lot of work.  They’ve bought all the ingredients for the Christmas feast, they’ve bought all the presents, and wrapped them with care under the tree.  Sometimes, even, people are so devoted that they have a huge meal on Christmas Eve, aka Feast of the Seven Fishes.  Anyway you look at Christmas and Christmas Eve, though, one thing is true:  you need a yule log burning.  That’s why we’ve included this awesome half an hour long video for you (thanks for the find Alicia).  Not only do you see the fire roaring, you get to hear the sizzle of bacon, and see those beautiful slabs of pork dance just like your heart does on this magical holiday.  Cue it up, hit play, sit back, relax, and drink some egg nog.  Ah, that’s the life.  

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all.  And to all, a good bite.

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