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Pig Roast, Beer Garden + Sidewalk Margarita Bar @ Bodega’s Cinco de Mayo Party 2016

26 Apr


Cinco de Mayo is just a few days away . . . and we’ve got some great news to share coming from Bodega Taco Bar. Which one, OmNom, which one? BOTH! But how do we decide which one to go to, OmNom? Well, it depends what you’re into:

Darien will have a pig roast, Patron tequila specials, music from PanaMusik, and a pop-up beer garden. Fairfield will feature the Bodega food truck, a sidewalk margarita bar, more Patron tequila specials, and “strolling guitar music.” If you are as hardcore as we hope you are, you could easily hit up one then get to the other. ;)

Then, just tres days later, check out their Mother’s Day brunch from 11-4 or dinner from 4-10. You take mom out, she gets a free cocktail. ;)

Vaya con Dios, OmNomivoritos! 

Heritage Square |1700 Post Road | Fairfield, CT | 203.259.2624

980 Post Road |Darien, CT | 203.655.8500

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Bodega’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta’s So Big, It’s a Weekend!

22 Apr

This is the Cinco de Mayo party that’s too big for just one day.  This is the Cinco de Mayo party to end all Cinco de Mayo parties.  Yeah, seriously…Bodega Taco Bar in Darien and Fairfield are doing it right this year with lots of omnom-like things going down.  First off, let’s start with the times:  Saturday (5/4) from noon to midnight and Sunday (5/5) from noon to 8.  Okay, let’s get into the yummy deets:

  1. Tequila tastings (worm and Pee Wee Herman not included.)
  2. Pig roast prepared in a custom La Caja China Roasting Box (Saturday.)
  3. Taco Eating Contest (definitely Saturday, maybe Sunday.  When you get there, you’ll sign up.  We’ll update this for you when we get more info.)
  4. Mariachi Band on Sunday afternoon
  5. “Guacamole Slapping” demonstration (maybe you slap it because it’s soooo good, but is fattening?  Interested to see.)
  6. Drink specials (you know you have to celebrate with some margaritas, right?)
  7. Live music and dancing (agitarlo como una foto Polaroid.)

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¡Ay, Caramba! Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Fairfield County, CT

23 Apr

Some of your taco options at Bodega Taco Bar in Fairfield

UPDATED for Cinco de Mayo 2014.  

Cinco De Mayo is almost at hand, so let’s celebrate by checking out some of our old favorites or by finding new favorites.  We’ve tried to put together the best list possible, but certainly let us know if you have a favorite that should be included on here.  A few prerequisites for this list:  great tacos, burritos, and guac.  Bonus points for margaritas, tequila, and outdoor dining. ;)  Tell us…is your favorite on here?  If not, what’s your fave Mexican spot here in CT?


Taco Loco:  You’d be loco not to hit this spot up if you’re in the area.  An old favorite when we lived nearby.  Good Mexican all around, plenty of room, and they usually have fun gifts on Cinco de Mayo.


Pancho’s Tacos:  Great Mexican food all around here and great prices.  Also, monster margaritas here to quench your thirst.  If you’re insane, try the dish that I did. ;)

Darien + Fairfield

Cotton Candy Goatee at Red Lulu

Bodega Taco Bar:  Michael Young from Valencia opened up this spot in 2011.  Great and fun twists on Mexican food and great tacos.  Amazing tequila list.

New Canaan

Tequila Mockingbird:  Instant cred for the Harper Lee reference.  The food is good here, though it’s more expensive than other options nearby.


Los Molcajetes:  Killer tacos, especially the alambre:  beef and bacon, married in beautiful harmony.  Salsa and margaritas are just basic, though.  Stop in for the tacos and the authentic food.

Tacos Mexico:  Eat and drink cheap here.  Food is average here, but you’ll leave satisfied and your wallet won’t be much lighter.


If you have the option, always get fresh squeezed lime in your margarita with Añejo!

El Charrito:   You can pick up food at their to-go spot at 7 Apache Place in Riverside, CT.  Same food from the El Charrito taco truck.


Casa Villa:  Amazing tacos, great dishes, fun atmosphere, outdoor dining.  Make sure to ask for your margaritas with fresh squeezed lime.

El Charrito:  People have said they will kill for the food off of this taco truck.  Find them on Richmond Hill Ave.

Lola’s Mexican Kitchen:  In the thriving “heart” of downtown Stamford, Lola’s is putting out some good food.  Although we have heard complaints about service, we did have a good experience.  The churros are excellent here.

Riviera Maya:  Our first review ever.  We have sentimental attachments to the good food here.  There are LOTS of fun margarita options here and there is some outdoor seating.


Viva Zapata:  Long live the shoe?  More like supporting the revolutionary general, Zapata.  Omnomivores have made their feelings clear, so we needed to add this bad boy.  Plenty of outdoor seating, killer margaritas, and good Mexican food here.  Viva la Revolución!

Taco Eating Contest at Picanté Fresh in Stamford on Cinco de Mayo ¡Man Up!

16 Apr

If you can eat 10 times the tacos pictured here you might (might) win. You got the cajones to win?

Cinco de Mayo.  A day to down large quantities of guacamole, margaritas, chomp away on burritos, and to swallow tacos whole.  Here’s a new way to celebrate:  eat tacos until you give up and scream out ¡Ay Dios Mio! or until you are crowned El Champion.  You’ll need to head to Picanté Fresh Mexican Grill on Bedford Street in Stamford to partake in this awesomeness.  The contest will be going on in the parking lot behind their restaurant, so you can get some tacos and other goodies, come out back, and chow down while you watch people stuff their gullets.  If you’ve never been, there is a wall of sauces and salsa there so you can make up any kind of combo that you’d like.  Check out their foods and check out the details, too:

Date:  Cinco de Mayo, 2012

Time:  3-5 pm

Rules:  eat until there is only un El Champion!  Last muncher left standing prevails.

Glory for 1st:  Bragging rights and $100 gift card for Picante Fresh

2nd:  $50 gift card for Picante Fresh

 3rd:  There’s a possibility of other prizes, stay tuned!

Location:  Back parking lot of Picante Fresh.

How to partake in taco eating contest:  e-mail keepitfresh@picantefreshmexicangrills.com and explain why you think you should be in the taco eating contest.

How you will be selected:  WEBE 108 will be announcing the taco eating contest and will pick 5 people over the radio.  Also, 5 people will be selected by e-mail and will be told the day of the contest.

How to dress:  thou shalt dress in a pancho, wear a beautiful mustache (hipsters need not shave in this case), and most undeniably wear a sombrero.  Think of Pancho Villa.

Update:  Watch Them Stuff Their Faces via southwesternct

Picanté Fresh Mexican Grill

Address:  148 Bedford Street

                  Stamford, CT 06901

Phone:  (203) 595-5490


Facebook Page

Site:   http://www.picantefreshmexicangrills.com

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