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To Do: Thursday Clambakes on Sheffield Island and Cruise Around Long Island Sound

24 Jun

The clambake spread, all pictures from Norwalk Seaport Association

There are probably not many things that are more New Englandy than clambakes. So, lets just concede and agree with us for the sake of this post. Deal? Deal.

And, if you want a clambake why not do it right? That’s what the Norwalk Seaport Association has planned again this summer. Leaving at 6 pm from the Sheffield Island Lighthouse dock on the corner of North Water and Washington, the C.J. Toth catamaran will take you for a cruise around the sound then let you off for a killer dinner on Sheffield Island, overlooking the lighthouse. While you’re there, you’ll also have a tour of the 145 year old Sheffield Island Lighthouse!

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Clambake with Music and Drinks to Raise Money for Bridgeport Arts Fest, 6/15

10 Jun

On July 7, 2012 at McLevy Green in Bridgeport will be the Bridgeport Arts Fest.  This event is so massive that we aren’t even sure how to describe what will happen there.  We’ll try, though:  live music, art, performers, activities like a homebrewing demo and seaside bike tour…and tons more.  Check out more at the end of this post and more on their site.

With hundreds of reasons to go, it’s gonna take some dinero to sponsor this awesomeness.  Well, that’s where the Bridgeport Arts Fest Clambake comes along.  Check it out Friday, 6/15, from 7-10 pm at Gallery 305K on 305 Knowlton Street in Bridgeport.  When you buy a ticket, you get dinner, a drink, get to listen to live entertainment, and you get a chance to win 1 of 5 pieces of art that have been donated by Bridgeport Arts Fest artists.  But wait, there’s more…there will be door prizes, too!  Food is sponsored by Bridgeport Shellfish and Seafood, Barnum Publick House, One of a Kind Catering, Sweet Magnolia Catering, and a homegrown green salad by Cook and Grow.  Wine will be provided by Barefoot.  You must be 21 or older, there’s no smoking, and it’s dog-friendly.

Here are the costs:

Online:  $26.87 for one, $42.39 for two

At the door:  $30 for one, $50 for two

Here’s a breakdown, from the Bridgeport Arts Fest site about what to expect on July 7:

+ Over 100 Artists, Artisans, Crafters and Community Groups
+ 8 Day Stage performances
+ After-Party Concert
+ Screening of the Home Sweet Bridgeport film competition winners
+ 7 live-action studio and interactive educational events
+ 20 local food and drink vendors
+ Bridgeport Community Land Trust “Beer Garden”
+ Over 30 Urban Beautification mural installations
+ Westport Arts Center’s Heroes Project
+ Gold & Main Block Party
+ Downtown Tour of Living
+ Seaside Bike Ride
+ LuzJonz Summer Fashion Show
+ Poetry Slam
+ Freeform creativity wall
+ Sweet Spot! area design competition
+ Special After-Party illuminations
+ MANY other displays of creativity in action!

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