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KAS Krupnikas Honey Liquor Pours into CT; Jet Lag Sour Recipe from Craig Ventrice.

12 May


201509 Bottle with new label

This hot new liquor is bursting into the CT cocktail scene. Learn more about it and check out a recipe from one of CT’s best bartenders . . .


Here at OmNomCT, we’re always in search of new flavors and ingredients, especially when cocktails are involved. Enter in KAS Krupnikas, a handcrafted and spiced honey liquor. Take one part local raw honey, 10 spices, and citrus zest and you’ll get this 80 proof sweet sweet sunshine. This small batch liquor is made right in NY and comes from an old Lithuanian family recipe. Although it has just entered into the CT market lately, it’s making a big splash, especially at The Whelk and Kawa Ni. (Plus, it did win a tiny amount of recognition by placing in the Top 100 Spirits of the Year by Wine Enthusiast . . . nbd.)  Continue reading

Anonymous Alcoholics: A Discreet Cocktail Subscription Service

1 Apr



The subscription service to end all subscription services . . .


We’re no stranger to subscription services. We’re Amazon Prime junkees, have weekly deliveries from Fresh Direct, and can’t get enough of our Blue Apron meals. So, when a new subscription service reached out to us we were all ears . . . especially when they told us there was alcohol involved.

That service: Anonymous Alcoholics. Each month, week, or day (depending on the plan you purchase) they’ll send you out a new cocktail kit to try along with all the liquor you need (with plenty more to spare). Continue reading

5 Cocktail Recipes to Make Your Holidays Sparkle via Whole Foods Market

25 Nov

Getting ready for tonight, the biggest drinking day of the year, prepping for Thanksgiving, or need some cocktails in your back pocket and ready to go for the big day itself? Well, we’re happy to share some amazing cocktail recipes that Whole Foods Market shared with us to give to you, our awesome and wonderful readers. The awesome thing? You can quickly snag up the ingredients right at Whole Foods, making your life even easier.

We hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever and enjoy the heck out of these recipes.  Continue reading

Summer Cocktail Recipe Fix: Strawberry Basil Bourbon Mash from Watson’s Catering

24 Jun

Watson's Strawberry Bourbon Smash

If there are two things that we know as gospel truth for the beginning of summer, they would have to be:

1) It’s the time when we order more cocktails than ever.

2) It’s the time when we get excited about fresh strawberries right outta the patch.

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Ring in 2015 with Craft Cocktails Recipes from Onyx Moonshine

26 Dec

Holiday Cocktails Onyx Moonshine

We’ve never been a couple to pass up killer cocktails, but let’s be honest: they tend to add up and take a chunk out of your bank account after a full night of $20 drinks that feature almond milk that has been pressed by Capuchin monkeys. Okay, so we’re exaggerating a bit . . . they only cost $18, yes, but it can be expensive. So, why not just spend a nice and toasty night with some family and friends and a bottle of Onyx Moonshine

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Morello Bistro pouring new summer cocktails (recipes included) – Greenwich, CT

22 May
Drinks at Morello Bistro in Greenwich, CT

Starting from bottom left, then up, then over, then back down:  White Peach Margarita, Spiced Avema, Fiore Liz, Passionfruit Bellini, Morello Old Fashioned, and Morello Twist.  Photos provided by Morello Bistro, design by us. :)

One of the hotspots along Greeenwich Avenue is the perennial favorite, Morello Bistro.  We went for a great press dinner last year when we got to taste Chef Forrest Pasternack’s excellent food.  Although Forrest has left for Bailey’s Backyard, Kevin Garcia has taken the reins of this very popular spot. Chef Garcia graduated from Johnson & Wales University and has worked at Jean Georges Vongerichten’s Prime Steakhouse, Lucca, Lupa with Mario Batali, Del Posto, ‘Cesca, and Accademia di Vino.  That’s quite a resume, and now he has Morello Bistro to add to that list.

Chef Garcia is focusing Morello Bistro in on the regions of Rome, Tuscany, and Sicily.  And, as we approach summer, Forrest has changed up the menu using local ingredients and Oliver Flosse, Wine Director for MARC US (a restaurant group that owns Morello, A Voce and more), has changed up the cocktails.  We received some photos and recipes for some of the drinks that we’re excited to share with you.  And, we’ll present the recipes to you from bottom left, up, then across, then to the big box on the bottom.  While the recipes look pretty easy to put together, we’d just leave it to the experts at Morello, ya know? :)  Enjoy it inside or at one of their tables outside.  Drink up and enjoy:

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