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Deadly Grounds of Norwalk: Wickedly Good Coffee to Die For

31 Oct

Deadly Grounds Coffee Hearse, courtesy of Deadly Grounds and Tom Lialios Photography

Tom Lialios drives a hearse and when he takes it around Connecticut or even Hell, Michigan for Hellfest he gets quite a reaction. That’s because it’s a souped-up model with the logo for his coffee company on the back door.  Along with the Deadly Grounds logo is his company’s name and the slogan, Coffee to Die For.  We wondered if it 20131027_092747was really to die for, so we ordered up some small batch brews from their site: Pumpkin Spice, Hell’s Fury, and the Dark & Deadly Roast.  We were happy to see that the shipment was fast and got to our door within two days of ordering.  If we weren’t so lazy, we could have just gone to The Dock Shop in Darien, The Market Basket in Norwalk, or even visited Vanchetta food truck to try out some Deadly Grounds.  The list of places to buy grows often, so check back to see if your favorite place has these hellish beans.   

So, we were excited to see that we had a few sample packs thrown in with our order, and we immediately brewed a batch of the Pumpkin Spice.  We poured the grounds in our french press and after a few minutes we had one of the best seasonal coffees ever.  There was a beautiful richness mixed in with hints of spices.  Over the next few days we tried the smooth yet bold Hell’s Fury, the official coffee of Hell, Michigan and the rich, smooth, and bold (yet not burnt-tasting) Dark & Deadly Roast.  We enjoyed each coffee so much that we decided to reach out to Tom and find out more about what people think about his hearse, how and why he began Deadly Grounds in Norwalk, which flavors his fans like the most, and his plans for the future Deadly Groundification of the world.

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