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Colony Grill in Stamford now delivering for lunch and accepting credit cards! #ftw

2 Nov

Sausage, hot oil, stingers, cherry peppers, and onions at Colony Grill

Now hear this, now hear this:

Colony Grill in Stamford, the original, is going to deliver to Stamford businesses and offices from 11-3 pm starting 11/7/11.  This Monday!

Also, they want to let you know that your requests for credit card purchases hasn’t gone to “deaf ears.”  You are now able to use your credit card at Colony Grill.

We took that, ran with it, then tweeted.  Yeah, we got a riot on our hands.  It kinda felt like when Harold Camping told us the world would be over and we said, yeah, sure dude…whatever.  Well, the world ain’t over Omnomivores!

Also, there is a projected opening date of 1/15/12 for Colony Grill in Avon, CT!

Just to refresh your memories, here’s our two posts on Colony Grill:

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Noms: 4.25
Cost: $$
Colony Grill
Address:  172 Myrtle Ave
Stamford, CT
Phone:  (203) 359-2184
Site:  http://colonygrill.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Colony-Grill/352619784407?sk=wall
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