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Hoppy Holidays: Win 2 Tix to Beer Conn 2015 @ Webster Bank Arena

1 Dec

UPDATE: We had plenty of great entries, but we only have one winner (sorry): gosiajaros on Instagram. Thanks for entering, everyone!

Looking for something awesome to do to kick off the end of the year and the start of the December holiday season? Of course you are! Well, get your arse down to the 2nd Annual Beer Conn on 12/12 for two sessions of ridiculously awesome beer. Like last year, Beer Conn is being held indoors at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport and you can either check out Session 1 from 12:30-4 or Session 2 from 5:30-9. Tickets are just $35 as long as you buy tix in advance, but increase to $45 if you’re disorganized or lazy and buy them the day of. Continue reading

Connecticut Breweries Smash the Competition at Great International Beer + Cider Competition

26 Oct

People haven’t always been so kind to the CT beer scene. We’ve been degraded, we’ve been left off of lists, and we still suffer some stigma that people have been carrying around with them from over a decade ago that is now outdated. But, over the past few years, there has been a huge renaissance in the CT Beer scene with more breweries here than ever . . . and even more that are putting out some fine, top-notch brews that can compete with the big boys. We know it, and you probably know it too, so it’s time that we silence all the haters out there who think the only good beer that you can find in CT isn’t brewed in CT. Continue reading

CT Cask Fest Tapping 36 Casks, 18 CT Breweries – Fairfield, CT

23 Mar

CT Cask Fest

Two places that we love in Fairfield, Craft 260 and Harry’s Wine & Liquor, have teamed up to create a killer beer festival! Check out how sick this is: 18 Breweries from Connecticut will be bringing two casks each. The awesome thing about this is that each brewery will start with the same base beer, but both casks from each will be different with spices, hops, and other add-ins. So, it’ll be an interesting experiment to see how breweries can change the taste of a brew by just adding in different ingredients and methods. 

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Getting lit off of CT beer @ Relic + Firefly Hollow Brewing

6 Mar

A few weeks back, we shared some of our exploits with our doppelgänger couple, Renato and Alicia Ghio. Over the course of one day of absolute decadence, we had a crazy amount of wings at J. Timothy’s, gorged on some killer BBQ at Bear’s in Hartford, and finished up the night with some Two Roads beer at the XL Center at the Hartford Wolf Pack game. Oh, we kind of left out that we visited Relic Brewing Co. and Firefly Hollow Brewing Company in between all of that madness. Yup, when we go out, we go all out.

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Kent Falls Brewing: the newest CT brewery that’s a game changer

11 Feb
It doesn't get better than this, folks. All photos from Kent Falls Brewing Company Facebook page.
It doesn’t get better than this, folks. All photos from Kent Falls Brewing Company Facebook page.

Over the past decade, Americans have focused more on keeping things local and supporting the little guys and farmers that make a community stronger. You see it in the rise and popularity of farmers’ markets and you certainly see it when you go out to eat with many restaurants touting “farm-to-table” and their use of local ingredients. But, in terms of our beer here in CT, the ingredients that go into each ale or stout aren’t always local. On a recent trip to Oregon we discovered that nearly 80% of all hops grown here in America come from the Beaver State. Yeast often finds its way to breweries across states or even across continents, and malts and barleys are often shipped from hundreds of miles away. But, that’s all about to change here in Connecticut as Kent Falls Brewing Company has just become licensed and has begun brewing.

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Bring the Brews: Tix for BeerConn Now on Sale

13 Nov

We recently told you all about BeerConn, a new beer festival that’s coming to Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport on 12/13. As we noted, there will be over 50 breweries with more than 100 different brews to sample and taste. Tix are just $35 per person and that gets you into either the 12:30-4 session or the 5:30-9 session. And, now, you can get your tickets, so don’t delay because there are a limited number of them available.

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New England Brewing Company to Sail to New Home in Woodbridge

12 Sep

New England Brewing Company Logo

It’s official!  New England Brewing Company has been approved for a brand new spot for their brewery.  Their spot right now at 7 Selden Street in Woodbridge worked well for them at a time, but if you’ve been there you know how small the area is.  The smaller building makes it harder to not only brew great amounts of types of beer, but also doesn’t provide the kind of experience they’d love to give you for a tasting area.  Not that we minded getting some samples of the brews then heading around the brewery on a tour, but the new brewery on 175 Amity Road will be a major game changer for them.  Plus it’s just right around the block (literally around the block) so they can probably just carry over all their equipment. ;)

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Rare Beer Night at Half Full is a Tour de Force for Beer Geeks

8 Aug

People have an obsession with finding the most unique items and claiming them as their own.  Take, for instance, the perfectionist Ash Ketchum who’s gotta catch ’em all.  Or your weird neighbor (we apologize if this is you) who collects stamps and goes to stamp conventions all over the world.  Or that fanboy who scans ebay hourly for the rarest of Dr. Who and Star Trek figurines.  And then there’s a whole other breed…the beer geeks, crossing off brew after brew from their massive list, then bragging about their finds for decades after.  They don’t want a Bud, they don’t want a Corona…they want a beer experience that few have ever partaken in.

Well, we have great news beerocrats, Half Full Brewery Rare Beer Nights!  The beer from these monthly events is made on their nano system that produces just one keg at a time.  After missing the first two events, we finally had our chance on 7/17 to attend with our friend Christine Montero. When we arrived, there already was the Amber Ale waiting for us…and we needed it. Just hours before the AC went caput (fixed now), but the brave attendees could not be stopped. We drank our brews, cooling us down, and settled down as Conor Horrigan (Owner), Jen (Brewmaster), Chris (Brewer), and John (Brewer) talked to us about Half Full and talked about each beer on the menu while Jordan (Chief Beer Organizer) talked about what each beer was paired with. Enough dilly dallying, let’s share our rare beers and get you excited for the next event:


1)  Grapefruit Pale Ale paired with a triple creme Delice de Bourgogne.

ABV:  6.3%

IBU:  18

Malts:  2 Row, Munich 10L, Special B

Hops:  Cascade

Very drinkable, nice aroma, subtle grapefruit taste that awakens at the finish.  This was our favorite of the night and it seemed to be a major hit with all the drinkers.

Imperial Dark Red

2)  Imperial Dark Red paired Prince de Claverolle semi-firm sheep’s milk.

ABV: 8.2%

IBU:  55

Malts:  2 Row, British Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley

Hops:  Columbus, Centennial

Here’s a funny story that Jen told:  the recipe called for 4 oz. of roasted barley, but she put in 4 lbs. instead.  This made this beer dark and roasty with hints of char and cherry.  The toasted flavor hid the bitterness pretty well, too.

Columbus IPA

3) Columbus IPA paired with Cypress Grove Midnight moon goat cheese.

ABV: 4.7%

IBU:  90

Malts:  2 Row, Munich

Hops:  Columbus

Foamy pour, two fingers worth, with a piny aroma.  This was brewed by a guest brewer, Joe.  This was actually his first commercially brewed beer.  It was super hoppy and quite bitter, but was very popular with the IPA guys and gals.

Belgium Apricot Ale

4) Belgium Apricot Ale paired with Cinnamon Raisin Nut Rugelach from Delancey Dessert in Brooklyn.

ABV:  5.7%

IBU:  32

Malts:  Dark Crystal, Pale, Crystal 40, 2 Row, Chocolate

Hops:  Centennial

Christian was the guest brewer for the BAA.  This started as a Belgian beer, but got lighter as the brewing process went on.  It was actually brewed with apricots and raisins, so you get a nice finish at the end from both of those flavors.  What’s good, though, is that it wasn’t over the top.  Rather, it was nicely balanced and was a great end to the tasting.

Rare Beer Night was an awesome time and a great deal at just $30 per ticket that included full pours of each beer (plus maybe a little extra from Conor) and pairings of cheese with some olives and dried meats on the side.  What’s even better is that each rare beer night will be different, so you never know which brews you’ll get (like their famous Peanut Butter Hefeweizen) or who will be there to pair the beer with food.  There is one thing we can say, though:  Rare Beer Night takes place on the third Wednesday of every month and is definitely an experience that you don’t want to miss.  We’d also be remiss if we didn’t say Happy Birthday because one year ago Half Full began to serve their beer at bars!  Congrats!

Here are the next dates so that you can start planning and get your tix:

August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18, and there are even more planned out for 2014.

Celebrate IPA Day with CT Brews and Vote for CT’s Best IPA!

1 Aug

Awesome IPADay banner from The Drink Nation

August 1.  It’s a day each year when we pause to remember the brilliant men who loaded hops into beer to preserve it on a long voyage on ships to India.  We salute you, o’ brave and tenacious travelers.  And, we thank you!  Your invention far surpasses the usefulness of things such as wheels, pulleys, levels, and even filtered water.

Yes, it’s on this day when we profess our love of IPAs!  Say it loud, say it proud:  I drink India Pale Ales!  And, to help you fuel up this day, we’re providing you with a list of IPAs made locally that you should try.  Also, please vote below by Thursday (8/8) for your favorite CT IPA.  We’ll announce a first, second, third, and OmNomCT choice winner next Friday, 8/9.

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Two Local Breweries Release New Beers, You Win: The Rise of Half Full and Charter Oak

26 Nov

IPA…India Pale Ale.  A style of beer loved by many for its bite and its pine-iness.  Have you ever wondered why it’s called India Pale Ale, though?  Turns out life wasn’t so easy hundreds of years ago when sailors had to brave the wild seas.  If you weren’t killed by pirates, Jack Sparrow, mermaids, a krakken, or enormous waves, you might die of scurvy, malnutrition, or of thirst.  While you can’t really help being seduced by mermaids or wriggling free of the grasp of the krakken, you can control things like water intake.  It turns out, people discovered that when you pump up the hop content of beer, it stays fresh much longer.  Now, who wouldn’t love to drink IPAs more than plain ol’ boring water?

We speak of IPAs because Half Full Brewery, located on Homestead Avenue in Stamford, has released their own version.  According to Jordan Giles, Chief Beer Organizer, it is “a medium-bodied, earthy, spicy and piney beer with moderate bitterness that will be on tap year round. Half Full’s recipe uses Northwestern American hops and packs a 7.0% alcohol content that is balanced nicely by a dry rye finish.”  To create this great recipe, they had to spend hours upon hours in their tasting room, going through pale ales, ryes, and different kinds of IPAs.  You know, we don’t feel that sorry for them.  That’s some kind of research that most would die for. :)

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