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Noble Jay Brewing to Take Flight in East Lyme, CT

11 Dec

Noble Jay Brewing Company Logo

“So, I was thinking of an idea for a name,” said Mike Lincoln, owner and brewer of the up and coming Noble Jay Brewing Company, “but everything was taken. I looked it up . . . but I’d see that it was already a brewery! I wanted something unique, though, and that made me think of my mom. She passed away when I was a baby. Her name was Patricia Jay. So, I thought, how could I incorporate her name? I researched and found that Patricia and Patrick in Latin means Noble and Jay is her middle name—everybody called her Jay anyway. So, I figured that no one else was going to take that name for a brewery.”

Well, that answers how the name Noble Jay was created, but there are still lots of questions to answer. Luckily, we were able to talk with Mike about his plans for the brewery that is slated to open between 2015-2016 in East Lyme. So, stick with us, and we’ll take you through Mike’s brewing experiences, problems that he’s running into, his thoughts on CT beer, the beers that he’s brewing, some details on the brewery, and being a part of the CT beer community. 

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Halloween Bash @ Half Full Brewery w/ Music, Dinosaur BBQ, and Unlimited Brews

10 Oct
half full halloween
Q. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?
A. Frostbite…
Q. Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? 
A. No, they eat the fingers separately…
Q. Where do baby ghosts go during the day? 
A. Dayscare Centers.
Q.Why did the Vampire get fired from the Blood Bank? 
A. He was caught drinking on the job.

Q. Why do ghosts have so much trouble dating? 
A. Women can see right through them.

Q. What do you use to repair a Jack O’ Lantern? 
A. A pumpkin patch.

While we can’t take credit for these jokes (we got them from here), we can sure dig the awesome play on words and old school jokes that help us remember how much we love Halloween.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Half Full Brewery in Stamford is giving us a few more reasons to keep loving Halloween.

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Brew-view: Conntucky Lightnin’ from Two Roads Brewing Co. – Stratford, CT

28 Jun
Ride the Lightning! (Please don't sue us Lars)

Ride the Lightning! (Please don’t sue us Lars)

We love how Connecticut is becoming a beerophiles dream state.  Breweries are popping up all over and there are always new ones in the works.  Since it opened, Two Roads in Stratford has been putting out some great brews and the brewery itself is definitely a sight to see.  Our last brew-view focused on Ryan and the Beaster Bunny, a saison that is brewed at Two Roads for Eviltwin Brewing.  Yeah, the brewery is that massive that they can brew for other companies.  We’ve had all of their brews, but when a new one comes out, we feel it is our personal responsibility to consume and to consume well.  And, a new brew did come along, so our search for Conntucky Lightnin’ took us straight to the brewery in Stratford after we had some killer balls from The Local Meatball and talked with Emily of Two Roads for a bit.  But, sadly, that would not be the end of our journey…

Beer: Conntucky Lightnin’

Brewery:  Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT

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