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Dolce Cubano Rum Bar & Restaurant to Spice up Stamford Waterfront

12 Apr

Instagramriffic! Snuggle up to this view every time you visit Dolce Cubano…

Dolce Cubano is now open!  Check out our review of Dolce Cubano.

If you’re familiar with Stamford restaurants by the water, you’ve probably had some food and drink down at Paradise Grill (next to The Crab Shell).  And if you’re familiar with what really great food is, then you were probably disappointed. With such a great spot, it could’ve been so much more! Well OmNom’ers, it will be because Paradise Grill is gone and a new kind of paradise is taking over from Nick Racanelli Sr. & Jr., owners of the beloved Pizzeria Molto Wine Bar in Fairfield and Zaza Italian Gastrobar in Stamford.

Danny checks out the bar, soon to be fitted with carrera marble

Yup, the new restaurant is called Dolce Cubano Restaurant and Rum Bar.  Rum bar?  Oh heck yeah.  When’s the last time (if ever) you hit up a rum bar and you weren’t at some sort of tropical destination? And, in addition to a ton of rum drinks, there will be wine, beer, mixed drinks and dishes of Cuban meets Italian cuisine. Say what? Yeah, a totally unique and totally awesome concept.

At the end will be a swanky lounge area with couches and chairs

Just imagine the delicious classic Italian dishes the Racanelli boys are known for and mix them up with a little sexy, spicy Cuban flare. The menu hasn’t been completely worked out yet, but we can imagine perhaps ingredients like sofrito, lime, corn, and cilantro will be mixed in with pasta, or  spicy pork meatballs even. The possibilities are endless. They also plan to have classic Cuban dishes to spice things up such as various pork dishes, seafood dishes, yucca, plantains and maybe even paella. Oh, and we heard the word tacos mentioned, though it might be off the record! We’re salivating thinking about it! And, just like Zaza and Molto, you’ll be able to order from a large menu of small plates and select entrees.

Lots of room here at Dolce Cubano!

As if the food wasn’t enticing enough, let us tell you about the space and decor! Wow! First, every seat will have a view of the beautiful water with a huge wall of giant floating glass doors (just like at Zaza) that will surely be wide open all summer long for a nice breeze! The decor will be rich, swanky and sexy, just like Zaza and Molto, but with a few Cuban twists to give you that tropical feel. Best of all, there will be plenty of room for you to bring your entire crew. You can start off with some cocktails at the ginormous (I mean it’s ridonkulously huge) oval-shaped, 360° bar to the left when you walk in. Then when my fellow ladies have had enough of standing in your 6″ heels (I know how you roll), you can have a seat near the bar at one of their high-top tables or on a sofa or lounge chair in the swanky lounge area off to the side near the glass doors.  If it’s a beautiful night, you could even just start out at the outdoor bar and patio and enjoy the stars! When you’re ready to sit down and enjoy some tasty dishes, you can grab one of the many sexy red booths along the glass doors, or if you have a larger group, one of the two large u-shaped tables facing outside or the large community table near the cozy fireplace. And if it’s date night, you can snuggle up at one of the more quaint, smaller tables.  No matter what you choose, you can’t lose!

Of course nights will be hot at Dolce Cubano, but they also plan to have lunch and brunch to bring some excitement to your day! All of which will be livened up with upbeat, electronic music and even live bands and DJs on busier evenings and nights.

A view from the outside bar. How do you like your rum?

We are very excited for Nick Racanelli Jr. and Sr. for the summer launch of their new hot spot and we’re excited for ourselves and Stamfordites because it’s going to be awesome!  The location is perfect, there is an endless amount of parking, and the food and drink promises to spice up Stamford quite a bit and the decor will be fabulous! When we find out more info (like when they will open), we’ll let you know.

A special thank you to Nick (Jr.) for meeting up with us and showing us around.

Dolce Cubano Restaurant and Rum Bar

Address: 78 Southfield Ave.

Stamford, CT

Phone:  203-871-0700

Opening:  Summer

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dolcecubano

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DolceCubano

Dolce Cubano on Urbanspoon

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