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Free Cookies + Cupcakes for Voters @ Forever Sweet Bakery in Norwalk!

4 Nov

After you’ve done your duty as an American and have voted, just stop on by to Forever Sweet Bakery at 4 New Canaan Avenue in Norwalk. As a sweet reward, they’ll give you a choice of your own free cupcake or cookie just by showing an “I Voted” sticker. Over the course of the day (they are open from 10-6 today), they’ll pick one even luckier voter to win a free cake from Frances. 

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Lorca in Stamford Opens Online Shop for Coffee, Tea, Pies, and More

14 Jan

Lorca Online Store Merchandise

Fairfield County can’t get enough of Lorca cafe in the heart of Downtown Stamford (we can’t either, voting them the Best Cafe in Fairfield County for 2013).  And, now it’s even easier than ever to get your Lorca fix with the addition of their brand shiny new online shop.  Not only will you be able to place orders for convenient (and free) pick-up at the store, but you’ll also be able to have anything shipped right to your door.


Family over?

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C Is for Cookie: The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Contest Rocks Greenwich

16 Dec
From Top left to right:  Brown Butter Cookies, Mocha Surprise, Gingerbread Cookies, Cranberry, Peppermint Patties Cookies, Kour, Buckeyes, and Raspberry
From top left to right: Browned Butter Cookies, Chocolate Chestnut Cranberry Mocha Supremes, Gingerbread Cookies, Orange Cranberry Pistachio Cookies, Peppermint Patties Cookies, Kourambiethes, Buckeyes, and Double Chocolate Raspberry Filled Cookies

There was plenty of snow this weekend to make things a pain in the tookis to get around, but you best believe that didn’t stop Marcia Selden Catering, Winston Flowers, OmNomCT, a select crew of judges, 8 talented bakers, and a huge crowd of tasters from hitting up the 1st Annual Ultimate Holiday Cookie Contest!  This is true devotion, you know?  Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow storm can stop voracious cookie enthusiasts.

When we arrived, Winston Flowers (already a beautiful shop in downtown Greenwich) was decorated so festively.  We met up with Nicole Straight and Robin Selden of Marcia Selden Catering and immediately went into the back room to meet the judges.  Chef Plum of Plum Luv Foods, Robin Selden from Marcia Selden Catering, Lisa Maronian from Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes, and John Barricelli from SoNo Baking Company were all ready to eat the cookies set upon the judging plates.  But, they couldn’t eat quite yet…

Judges and OmNomCT at Marcia Selden Ultimate Holiday Cookie Contest
OmNomCT with Judges Robin Selden, Chef Plum, Lisa Maronian, and John Barricelli

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Marcia Selden Ultimate Holiday Cookie Contest Party, Finalists + Recipes

11 Dec


When we announced the Marcia Selden Ultimate Holiday Cookie contest and party we Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planningdidn’t realize how many amazing entries that we’d get! 16 amazing recipes were submitted and we wish that we could have had all of them compete, but we had to narrow down things to just six recipes for the judges at the Ultimate Holiday Cookie Party on 12/15.  So, we thought about flavor profiles, texture, and creativity and both of us created separate top 6 lists.  Oddly enough, we both had the same 5 cookies and decided on the last one together.  Here they are, with the People’s Choice winner mixed in, in no particular order:

  • Browned Butter Cookies by Evan Cassidy
  • Buckeyes by Lisa Eppley (recipe below) 
  • Chocolate Chestnut Cranberry Mocha Supremes by Ruth Kalla Ungerer (recipe below) 
  • Double Chocolate Raspberry Filled Cookies by Melanie Lowe (recipe below)
  • Kourambiethes by Joey Kuntz (recipe below)
  • Orange Cranberry Pistachio Cookies by Kim Butz (recipe below) 
  • Peppermint Patties by Katie Garfield

Back for More Baked Goodness at Forever Sweet Bakery (Sweet Endings Bakery) – Stamford, CT

5 Apr

EXTREME CLOSE UP! Awwwwww yeahhhh

Update:  along with a name change to Forever Sweet Bakery, you can find the awesome cupcakes and goodies inside their own location in Norwalk!

A few weeks back we stumbled upon the most awesome thing in the mall–if you ask me.  If you ask Kristien, she might have a different favorite due to her shopping obsession, but Sweet Endings Bakery is definitely tied with her favorite stores.  After our last post, Sky Mercede was begging us to come by and try some of the flavors that we didn’t get to try last time.  Well, we did, but the sneak shoved more than just the two cupcakes we selected into our bags.  We told you about the Red Velvet and the Chocolate Mint cupcakes, but dear Omnomivores, there’s so much more there.

• The cookies.  Wow, the cookies.  There are those that love those thick, soft, and almost soggy tasting kind of cookies.  Then, there are those that love and desire after thin and crispy cookies with loads of flavor.  Yeah, Frances Mercede bakes them just right and oh so crispy.  You get a whole stack of them for just $6.25.

Chocolate Celebration, Cinnamon Streusel, and Chocolate Chocolate

• Cinnamon Streusel cupcake.  This is one of their breakfast offerings.  The crumb on top is just perfect.  Not too crispy, not soggy…just right.  When you bite in you get that thick and heavy taste of a streusel, but somehow it remains moist.  A nice touch was the bits of apple worked into the batter.

• The Chocolate Celebration and Chocolate Chocolate cupcakes.  Again, we’re impressed with how moist the cupcakes turn out.  We think one of our favorite parts of the cupcakes has to be the buttercream frosting.  You’ll find yourself eating the cupcakes carefully so that you can be sure to have some of that goodness with each bite.  So many more flavors to try, though.  Oh well, will have to revisit. :)

Look how pretty that bow is. Well, that didn’t last long…

• Cake Pops.  Well, this one surprised us…in a good way.  All we’ve been hearing about on TV is how ridiculously awesome these cake pop things are.  So, we tried Frances’ version.  The cake was moist and even a bit fudgy tasting.  Oh, so good.

For more details about all their awesome treats, custom/party food, and prices, check out their FB page, their site, and our post on them.

Address: Scoop Cafe @ 801 E Main Street in Stamford

Phone:  (203) 524-6291

E-mail sweetendingsbakery@live.com

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