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Authentic Italian Hits Bank Street with Cotto Wine Bar + Pizzeria – Stamford, CT

27 Nov

We went to one of our favorite places in the world during our honeymoon:  Italy.  It’s where our ancestors are from and it’s the one place where we’ve both always dreamed of visiting.  To be honest, we didn’t know if we were more excited to visit for the food, the sites, or the culture.  Well, turns out we loved every little thing about Italy, but one of our favorite things was our long, expansive, wine-filled meals.  See, over there, you could sit for hours while you eat and drink to your heart’s content.  Believe it or not, sometimes a bottle of water cost more than a nice local wine.  Yeah, our kind of place, how about you?

So, we get nostalgic from time to time when we think of our waiter in Venezia (Venice) who looked a lot like Stephen Colbert and who eagerly invited us back the next day after we had way over-tipped…stupid Americans.  Or, when we think of walking home bloated and full on Chianti, strolling through the streets of Firenze.  That’s Florence to you noobs.  So, yes, we get nostalgic for how great our trip was and how amazing the food was.  You best believe that when we find a great Italian restaurant, we hold onto it for dear life.  See, unfortunately every Italian spot we eat at now has to be measured in our minds against the places that we ate at in Italy.

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