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Join Us in Helping Fairfield County Restaurants Give Back: A Buck for a Beer to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

5 Nov

We heard all the hype on tv, on the radio, and all over the web.  There’s a storm coming and it has the potential to be destructive and cause massive flooding.  Maybe we all felt sheltered, maybe we all felt safe, maybe we thought it was all just hype, but when Hurricane Sandy actually came ripping through NJ, NY, and CT, we saw the truth.  This was the real thing.  Flooding, taking out the Atlantic City coastline, washing one of the most famous boardwalks in the world out to sea.  Towns, now wastelands of trees, downed wires, flooded roads, and houses overcome by wind and water.  In Connecticut, people lost their cars, their homes, their pets, their loved ones, and their sense of security in the world.  Even now, people cling on through the cold days of November without any power.  The width and breadth of this horrible natural disaster is truly incomprehensible and mind-boggling.

Seeing all this horrible devastation made us feel like we HAD to do something, as I’m sure many of you felt too. We immediately thought about how we could use OmNomCT to help and started reaching out to restaurants with an idea. In just a few short days, we’ve seen amazing response from some of our most beloved local restaurants and together we have an exciting announcement for you…

A wonderful group of generous Fairfield County restaurants have signed on to take part in A Buck for a Beer to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief.  Here’s how it works:

1) Visit any of the restaurants listed below between Wednesday 11/7 and Wednesday 11/14.

2) Order the beer(s) listed below and drink up.

3) In turn, they will donate $1 for Hurricane Sandy relief for each beer ordered.

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