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Amen: CT Passes Growler Fills at Restaurants + Pubs; Expands Liquor Store + Winery Hours

4 Jun

Cone Flakes DIPA Growler at Bear's Smokehouse BBQ in Hartford, CT

Starting on July 1, you’ll be able to hit up your favorite restaurant or pub and get a growler fill to take with you to go. Yup, life is great!

For the past few years, there have been many different attempts to give the consumer more power in Connecticut when it comes to beer choices. Some have met with great success like expanding hours and opening on Sundays and holidays, while others like allowing restaurants and bars to fill up growlers have gotten steamrolled time and time again. Well, that changed with the passing of yesterday’s budget.

According to §§ 78-82 — ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR POLICIES, under Subsection Beer Growlers (§§ 78-80), 

The bill allows restaurant, café, and tavern alcohol permittees to sell at retail permittee-provided and sealed containers with draught beer for off-premises consumption. In the case of a restaurant permittee, the bill (1) additionally requires that the containers be filled by the permittee and (2) prohibits manufacturer, out-of-state shipper, and wholesale permittees from supplying the restaurant permittee with the authorized containers or any draught system component, other than tapping accessories.

These retail sales are limited to (1) four liters of beer per day to any individual and (2) the authorized hours for off-premises alcohol consumption sales (see below). 

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2015

What does that mean, in plain English?

Any pub, cafe, or restaurant that has the proper liquor permits can sell you sealed containers of beer from their taps for you to drink off-site. The two stipulations to be aware of are:

1) You can only buy up to 4 liters of beer per day per individual per bar/restaurants. That equals 2 growler (64 oz. in a growler) fills. So, if you’re trying to stock up for a party, you could always have a friend get some growlers or go to another bar or restaurant nearby. Not that we’re telling you how to skirt around the law. No, certainly not.

2) You need to buy these growlers within open store hours, not at 1 am or closing time. BUT, good news…the budget includes new hours.

We asked Gerard Robertson, owner of Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford about his thoughts regarding this and he shared, “Being able to offer any of our 72 craft beers on tap to a craft beer enthusiast with a growler is fantastic! This is great news for everyone — micro brewers, bars & restaurants, and most important everyone who loves craft beer.”

Expanded Liquor Store Hours (also effective July 1, § 82)

Sunday hours will be 10-6

Monday-Saturday hours will be 8 am-10 pm

The only exception to these hours are non-sale days of Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and Christmas

Farm wineries, nonprofit golf tournaments, and farmers’ markets wine sellers can sell up to 10 pm now, too. By doing this, the hours for wine tastings are similarly expanded. 

More Owners

And, last of all, recently passed is, “The number of package store or druggist liquor permits in which a person may have an interest from (1) three to four, on July 1, 2015 and (2) four to five, on July 1, 2016.” People have very mixed feelings about this change, some stating that it could lead to monopolies that squeeze out the smaller packies and mom and pop shops throughout CT. 

Malloy Signs Liquor Bill and *POOF* Connecticut Has Sunday Liquor Sales!

14 May

VICTORY…FOR YOUR TASTE (and Sunday liquor sales)

Pardon the very hairy hand, I’m Italian after all.  We know it was coming, but most didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.  Yes, Dannel Malloy, Governor of Connecticut, signed Sunday liquor sales into existence today.  Starting this Sunday, 5/20/12, you’ll be able to buy liquor, beer, and wine at your favorite shops and you’ll also be able to buy beer at supermarkets.  Sales on Sunday will be from 10 am to 5 pm.  Also, according to The Republic, you’ll also be able to stock up for parties on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day…plus the Mondays following any July 4th, Christmas, or New Year’s that happen to be on a Sunday.  Another great tidbit to look out for according to NBC Connecticut:  package stores can now sell fresh fruit for drinks, olives, cheese, and crackers.  No whine with that cheese anymore! ;)

So, drink up, here’s to you Connecticut.  We’ve earned it.  I celebrated by popping open a Victory Golden Monkey, which also coincides with American Craft Beer Week.  Coincidence?  I think not!

How are you planning to celebrate this victory that so many have been dying for?

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