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3 Connecticut Restaurants Featured on Road Trip with G. Garvin

19 May
G. Garvin hits up Mama's Boy this Wednesday, 5/21...

G. Garvin hits up Mama’s Boy this Wednesday, 5/21…

G. Garvin has made it his personal mission to find a ‘lil bit of the South wherever he goes for his show Road Trip with G. Garvin…including Connecticut.  He recently stopped by three places in the Nutmeg State that ooze that Southern charm and keep the diners coming back for more.  His first stop is The Corner in Milford, which is known throughout the state for their killer breakfasts.  From there, G. Garvin hits up Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge in SoNo, a new restaurant that has been winning over diners in the past year.  And, finally, he stops by Sandra’s Next Generation in New Haven to check out some authentically amazing Southern fare.

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