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OmNomCT: Best Blog 3 Years Running from CT Press Club!

25 Mar

Thank you CT Press Club!


Great news came in yesterday, OmNomivores!  We’ve been honored for the third year in a row with First Place Best Blog by the Connecticut Press Club.  Winning these awards and recognition from the CT Press Club means quite a lot to us.  That’s because entries are actually sent out of state and judged by editors, writers, and expert media professionals.  So, to be judged, consistently, as a blog that is at the top of its game is a major honor for us.  

Thank you CT Press Club for offering this contest and to Sherry Cohen for working so hard on organizing and making it all happen.  Also, we’d like to congratulate all the other winners who were honored with awards.  And, thank you to all our readers who make us what we are.  Love ya! ;) 

Literally behind the stick at Bistro 7 while guest bartending

That’s us!

Please Nominate OmNomCT in Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards Contest

6 Mar


Running OmNomCT is no easy gig.

We cull through countless events, e-mails, social media networks, and sites each day to bring you some of the best food events and news of Fairfield County.  We spend hours researching and writing about beer, chefs, and restaurants, too.  And, we put days of work into our reviews to make them not only enjoyable to read, but also critical, honest, and a trusted resource.

We don’t sell ads, we don’t profit from our blog or our readers.  We write and keep up OmNomCT for you, so you know about great places and events here in Fairfield County…and we do it because you deserve the honest truth about restaurants and where you should go to spend your hard-earned money.  Selfishly, we must admit, we also love to write.

So, if you think it’s pretty awesome for just two people to run, write, edit, and promote a site with such a large reach and influence, please nominate us for Saveur’s Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing portions of the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards.

Just click on the link here by March 14 (but why wait?), enter our addy (https://omnomct.wordpress.com), click on Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing, give a few reasons why you like us, and just fill out your name and e-mail.  It takes one or two minutes to fill out.

So, thanks for your OmNomination if you can help out and, most of all, thanks for all your support since we began.  You all are the reason why OmNomCT has become so great and successful!

–Dan and Kristien

Vote OmNomCT Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing

OmNomCT + Coalhouse Pizza Present Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Seafood Dinner

11 Aug

Update:  In addition, you’ll get an Ancient Ale goblet, a Dogfish Head Ancient Ale stone coaster, and an Ancient Ale poster.

The making and consuming of beer goes back to ancient civilizations.  Many argue that it all started back around 10,000 BC when early man began to cultivate the land and figured out how to ferment soon after.  Much later, Egyptians used beer to fuel the construction of the pyramids.  And, now, we have Bud Light and PBR. Hmm, a digression perhaps? Well, thankfully we’re in the midst of a massive craft beer revival.  A revival of the art form with a focus on the process, the quality ingredients, and the best possible outcome.

One such brewing company that’s creating a new revival of their own is Dogfish Head.  They found real-life ancient recipes, used the formulas and ingredients, then created a line of Ancient Ales.  How cool is that?! These rare brews will be on tap for the Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Seafood Dinner that yours truly is co-hosting with Coalhouse Pizza on 9/17 at 7.   Kevin O’Hara from Dogfish Head paired these one-of-a-kind beers with a menu we created and crafted for your omnoming pleasure.  As if that wasn’t awesome enough, each course will feature a Dogfish Head beer that is actually used in each dish.  We’ll be on hand, as will Coalhouse Pizza owner and beerophile Gerard Robertson, and Keith from Dogfish Head.  Also at Coalhouse Pizza will be Tired on Sunday, who will be rocking the place.  AND, there will also be 10 other Dogfish Head beers on tap for ya! Continue reading

OmNomCT Wins Best Blog and Best Writing for the Web from CT Press Club!

19 Apr

When it rains, it pours!  On the heels of receiving The Hartford Courant Websters award for Best Food Blog in CT, we just received word yesterday that Kristien and I received two first place awards in the annual Connecticut Press Club awards.  The first place awards are in the categories of Best Blog and Best Writing for the Web.  We are truly honored to receive these awards from our peers and the out-of-state media judges.  Again, we’d like to thank all of our readers for making us great and inspiring us to keep writing more and to get better as the posts add up.  Also, thank you to the Connecticut Press Club for sponsoring this annual contest.  Congratulations to all the winners, including our fellow Stamfordite Kevin McKeever (Always Home and Uncool) who pulled in multiple awards.

See all the winners here!  Again, thanks for the love.

Sincerely yours in omnoming,

Dan and Kristien

Vote for Top Blogs with The Websters from The Hartford Courant

26 Mar

The Hartford Courant had (om)nominations last week for some of the state’s best food, town, sports, UConn, and best overall blogs.  OmNomCT has been (om)nominated in two Websters categories.

Best Overall Blog

Best Food Blog

Voting lasts from March 26 at 9 a.m. to March 30 at 11:59 p.m.  You can vote 10 times per day for a total of 50 times, so we’re counting on your 50 votes in all three categories. ;)  We know that we’re up against some tough competition and our friends, too, but vote what your heart tells you…and doesn’t your heart (and belly) scream out, omnomnom?  Just sign up for a free Hartford Courant account and vote away.

Vote Here!

Here are the contest rules

Battle of the Brick Ovens, Stamford « Our 1st Post for CBS Connecticut

21 Jul

Which of the brick ovens produced this pie?

Ever the rabid pizza lovers, we came up with a plan for our first CBS Connecticut post.  We wanted to explore the awesomeness of brick oven pizzas, with a focus on Stamford, our stomping grounds.  So, click through, read, drool over the cheesy goodness, then head straight to one of the spots we talked about–well, maybe most of them. ZazaTappo, Remo’s, Nonna’s, and Southport Brewing Co. are in the spotlight.   If you feel inclined, click on the FB “Recommend” button on top.

 If you’re ever in need of a conversation starter, just start talking about pizza. We have yet to meet a person that doesn’t have a strong opinion on this matter. But, whether thin crust is your thing, or you’re loyal to pan style, it’s hard to deny the amazing taste that comes from cooking pizza in a brick oven. With the ability to cook crust evenly and quickly for a light and crispy texture, while keeping the ingredients on top fresh and full of flavor, a brick oven pizza is unbeatable when done right. No wonder why so many of them have been popping up in Stamford. So, to help you find the shortest path to pizza-topia, here is a guide to some of the most popular brick oven spots in Stamford…”

Battle of the Brick Ovens, Stamford « CBS Connecticut

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