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Pig Out: Can You Conquer the Smoke + Bones BBQ Sundae Challenge?

6 Feb


A common duck.
An ornery chihuahua.
An average lamp.
A dainty bowling ball.
A mason jar of The Smoke & Bones BBQ Sundae Challenge. 

What do all of these seemingly random things have in common? Yup, they all weigh six pounds. Six pounds? Six pounds!

While that might not seem like much when you’re carrying your chihuahua in your purse down the red carpet or throwing strike after strike down the lanes, that’s a helluva lot to shove into your face.  But, at least it’s not a six pound duck or lamp that you’re eating…we’re talking ’bout the highly sought after BBQ of Smoke & Bones BBQ of Derby, CT.

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Do Drop in to The Dew Drop Inn! Derby, CT

1 Jul

Throaty engines throttled, growled, and echoed down North Ave. in Derby.  Then, it all stopped as a pack of bikers rolled up and parked their bikes outside of the Dew Drop Inn.  There was a big line of hogs out front, one even more badass than the next.  Little did we know, but we were just about to hit up the best bar in CT.

Rawwr!  Conntuckey Lightning from Two Roads, brewed with corn grits and aged in bourbon barrels.

Rawwr! Conntucky Lightnin’ from Two Roads, brewed with corn grits and aged in bourbon barrels.

As we entered, heavy, thrashy, and death-y metal rang through Drew Drop Inn.  Yep, that’s our kind of bar. It was packed–half with bikers, half with just plain ol’ ordinary car drivers.  There were also a few tables, so we saddled on up and took a look at the draft list up on the chalkboard.  We’re talking about 20 brews, the majority from craft breweries.  Kristien got a nice and summery Breckenridge Agave Wheat and Dan scored a rare Conntucky Lightinin’ from Two Roads.  Just hours before Dan collapsed in dread on the Two Roads bar floor when he learned that the Conntucky Lightning was sold out.  So, even before our meal, we were all set for one of the most epic grub of all time.  Yes, we are speaking of Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken Wings!  We knew we wanted these bad boys, but we had to decide what else to get.  They have appetizers, 41 different kinds of wings (served hot tournament sytle), salads, sandwiches, wraps, and burgers, so we weren’t sure what to do.  We decided to take it slowly because we could always just get more.  So, we ordered jalapeno poppers, cheesey bacon frips (more on that soon), and the most awesome PB+J wings.

It's the freaking cheesiest...and bacony-iest

It’s the freaking cheesiest…and bacony-iest

As we waited for our apps, the music became even more epic so we documented it with the Instragram video at the top of this post.  Two bikers came over and thought the video was one of the most badass things ever.  Dan even got a high-five from a guy playing air guitar.  So, the frips (thick-cut potato chips) came smothered in cheese and were generously sprinkled with crispy bacon.  This was basically Drew Drop Inn’s version of loaded potato skins, but it was so much better.  The flavors were great and bold, but our only wish is that the potatoes hidden underneath got some of the cheesy bacon.  Kristien’s jalapeno poppers were very crispy on the outside with plenty cheese in the middle.  They seemed better than the standard poppers you get in a bar.

And then the wings arrived.


We thought this could be the most amazing wings that we had ever tasted or could actually be the most disgusting.  In our eyes, there would be no in between.  The thing we feared the most was some kind of fake, artificially flavored peanut butter sauce.  But, when the wings arrived, they were actually the color of peanut butter with little blobs of jelly mixed in.  Our first bite was just damn crazy stupid wicked killer.  Starting off, the wings were steaming hot and the skin was super crispy despite being in the sauce.  Now, onto the sauce:  it was awesome and basically was just creamy peanut butter, nothing fake there.  The chicken itself was juicy and was done just right.  So, you had the sweet from the jelly, the savory from the wings, and the nutty/fattiness from the peanut butter.  Truly, one of the best dive dishes that we’ve ever eaten.  So much so that we’re planning many trips to Two Roads and the mini-golf/driving range nearby just so we have an excuse to come back and have these and try some more food.

At this point, we toyed around with the idea of getting a burger.  Dan was caught between the burger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches or the peanut butter and bacon burger.  But, honestly, we were so full, especially because of the heaviness of the wings.  As we sipped on and finished up our brews, we noticed how the crowd had changed as night settled in.  Most of the bikers rode off into the sunset, and your typical bar patrons were hanging about. Someone decided to switch from the heavy metal to Spanish flamenco.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we were at Dew Drop Inn.  The bartenders cursed at the person who put the music on and hurled out massive amounts of expletives…in a loving way of course.  You know, this is our kind of place?  We love it there.

We definitely plan to come back and try out their wing collection and get another order of the PB+J wings.  But, also on our mind is their Grilled Cheesy Burger.  Yeah, so look…you’re at a bar that has some food inside.  You’re not going to find steak tartare or any foie gras, but you’re gonna find some of the best divey bar food that we’ve had in a while.  The ambiance alone makes this a great place to visit, but let’s give you some more reasons:

Classic wings:  mild, medium, hot, hotter than hot, suicide, teriyaki, honey hot, dry cajun, dry Montreal, BBQ, salt & pepper, naked

House specialty wings:  parmesan butter bacon, jalapeno cream cheese, parmesan butter bacon & garlic, peanut butter & jelly, spicy peanut butter, ranch BLT, peanut butter and curry, KickAss Bayou

House favorite wings:  honey BBQ, honey hot BBQ, Jack Daniels BBQ, Cajun BBQ, Asian glaze, Sweet chili Asian glaze, spicy ranch, spicy honey mustard, cucumber wasabi, creamy horseradish, cajun butter, Montreal, taco butter, cajun taco butter, garlic butter, teriyaki tabasco butter, cajun chili butter, buttery BBQ, honey butter, hot garlic butter, and honey teriyaki.

Dew Drop Inn

Cost: $$

Noms: 3.75

Address: 25 North Ave, Derby, CT 06418
Phone:  (203) 735-7757
Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11 am – 1 am
              Friday-Saturday:  11 am – 2 am

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