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Dino Sforza of Via Sforza Opens Dino’s Pizza Pie in Norwalk

15 Feb

Dino's Pizza Pie Norwalk CT

A couple of weeks ago we broke the news that one of our favorite burger joints, Beach Burger had closed.  In its place, we discovered would be a pizza place.  We weren’t sure Norwalk needed another pizza shop in the area, but then we heard from friend of OmNomCT, Joe Sforza.  His dad is opening Dino’s Pizza Pie up on February 18 in that spot and Joe will be the manager.  While some might say it’s another pizza joint, we’ve eaten at Via Sforza and the food is warm, rustic, and authentic Italian.  Dino will be carrying over the quality, recipes, and passion for great Italian flavors to this location.

Think of it is a pizzeria with a heart of classic Italian food.  Here are some of the dishes that you just might want to order:

  • Pizza:  Quattro Stagione  (a classic we had in Rome, literally four seasons) with mooz, sauce, prosciutto, capers, mushrooms, and artichokes
  • Appetizers: Burrata with cucumbers and marinated fresh tomatoes.
  • Salads and Soups:  Fried Calamari Salad with Romaine and hot cherry peppers, dressed in Caesar.
  • Pasta: Cavatelli Nonna with arugula, fresh tomatoes and onions in a light tomato sauce with garlic, topped with shaved ricotta salata.
  • Grinders & wraps:  Sausage, peppers, and onions.  Doesn’t get better or more simple than that!
  • Stromboli & calzone:  They have two standard options to pick from and also have 23 fillings available for you to make your own masterpiece.

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Celebrate Via Sforza’s 20th in Style! Westport, CT

18 Jan

From Via Sforza

Who doesn’t love some Italian food?  God knows we have plenty of choices here in CT, but if we’re looking for really good food that warms the heart, there aren’t as many.  Usually, you find a restaurant that is good at one particular thing such as their pastas, their meats, or their antipasti.  But, there are some rare breeds such as Madonia, Columbus Park Trattoria, and Via Sforza Trattoria that excel no matter the menu item. 

From Via Sforza

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying out Via Sforza, now’s a great time.  They are celebrating their 20th year in business this year.  Well, where’s the party?  Come on, ya know Italians do it right!   First off, listen to an Italian guitarist, plucking at your heart strings, while you wine and dine on February 2 + 23.  Also, there will be a special Valentine’s Day menu and they are even taking reservations for Opera Night on February 6.  Don’t forget they have Sunday brunch too, paesan.  Just $19.95 for adults, $9.95 for kids.

From Via Sforza

So, why Via Sforza?  We’ve eaten there twice and both times were amazing.  The main reason we came back was due to Kristien’s addiction to Bucatini alla Amatricciana.  See, this is where Kristien discovered her second great love–I’m the first, btw.  Thick round ropes of pasta smothered in a tomato sauce with bits of pancetta all over.  Yeah.  Damn good.  Although this is off the menu now, there are plenty of great pasta dishes, salads, pizzas, and more to choose from.  Some of the recipes come from Sforza family recipes or have evolved from Dino Sforza (co-owner) and Executive Chef Chris Malagise working together over the years.  You can taste the love.  So,when we head back, this will force us to branch out and try new dishes. ;)

Just note that Via Sforza gets pretty packed because it’s no secret how good the food is.  The Valentine’s Day dinner and the music nights are first come, first serve.  You can make reservations for Opera Night and their brunches, though.

Ciao, Omnomivori!

Via Sforza
Noms:  TBD
Cost:  $$$
Address: 243 Post Road West
                 Westport, CT 06880
Phone: (203) 454-4444
Site:  http://www.viasforza.com/welcome

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