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Your Passport to American Cheese Month + Deals @ Fairfield Cheese Co.

20 Sep

It’s very sad to say this, but October is just around the corner.  Well, maybe not so sad!   You know what that means, right?  Yes, it’s American Cheese Month…the third one, actually.  What does that mean for us, the consumer of cheese in all its forms (stinky or non-stinky)?  It means a month (and mouth) full of killer deals with the American Cheese Month Passport Program.  Just buy the pass for $10 starting on October 1 at any participating store (30 of them) like CT’s very own Fairfield Cheese Company, and receive a 20-40% discount off the featured American cheese of the day for the entire month of October.  You can use the passport at any of the stores so if you’re in NYC and need some cheese, get your curd on.  Plus, the passport sales benefit the American Cheese Education Foundation, a nonprofit that helps to give scholarships to American cheesemakers and provides educational opportunities.  

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Save Some Serious Dough with Restaurant.com

28 Mar

Our obsession with Restaurant.com (not Restaurants.com) started years ago when we’d shell out $5 and get a $50 pass to restaurants.  The amount of money we saved was awesome and we continue to check this site when we want to save some major dinero.  We use it for local restaurants and especially when we’re on vacation and want to find a quick, inexpensive meal.

Chef's Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll

Chef’s Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll at Bambou in Greenwich

It works pretty easily:  enter the city and state where you want a certificate then select the restaurant.  The most common option that you’ll see is pay $10 for a $25 certificate, but sometimes there will be bigger incentives like $20 for $50, $30 for $75, or even $40 for $100.  Before you purchase your certificate, just make sure that there aren’t any terms of the agreement that won’t work for you such as, “Only includes lunch,” or “No dinner on Saturday.”  Also, pay close attention to the fine print because some have an order minimum or some include a tip into the amount of the bill automatically.

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