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Dishcrawl Greenwich June Event Highlights Old Greenwich

22 Apr

It’s no surprise that we’re very excited about Dishcrawl’s debut in Greenwich.  Maybe we’re too excited.  One of our Twitter friends, Velda, asked if we worked for Dishcrawl.  No, we don’t work for them, but we like what they stand for.  After we ran a contest together and gave away a $100 Ginger Man Greenwich gift certificate, we talked with the Dishcrawl Greenwich organizer for a bit.  Jesse was so very amazed with the overwhelming demand for Dishcrawl.  The first event sold out very quickly, then the second event sold out just a while after it was announced.  But, still, people wanted to be put on a waiting list to get their chance at having their own Dishcrawl experience.

Viva la blood orange margarita

We’re happy to share that Dishcrawl Greenwich has already announced their third event, set for June 11 at 7 pm.  Just buy your tix at $45 each by going to the Dishcrawl Greenwich June 11 event page.  After you buy your tix, you’ll get an e-mail 48 hours before the event.  They’ll tell you where you’re meeting to start your Dishcrawl of four local Greenwich restaurants.  This is perhaps one of the greatest parts of the culinary tours:  the element of surprise.  You won’t know where you’re eating, what you’re eating, or even who you’re meeting until you actually sit down at your next stop.

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Dishcrawl Greenwich Adds Second Night After Selling Out!

10 Apr

Yes, you heard that right!  We just got the news from Jesse, the organizer of Dishcrawl Greenwich.  The tickets for the May 8th event sold out very quickly (3 tiny days), but people wanted more.  While Jesse did release a few more tickets, she realized what she had to do…open up a second date for another fun Dishcrawl experience.  The new date is Tuesday, May 7, starts at 7, and is still just $45.  Get your tickets by following this link to the Dishcrawl Greenwich site.

For more specifics about the event, please check out our previous post about their opening, but we’ll give you some basics:

  1. You’ll hit up four restaurants
  2. You won’t know where you’re starting your Dishcrawl journey until 48 hours before the event
  3. You’ll meet restaurant owners and chefs
  4. You’ll try fun, exciting, and adventurous dishes that exemplify the restaurant and chef
  5. You’ll meet some great people
  6. You’ll walk from restaurant to restaurant so that qualifies as your exercise from the day.

Congrats again to Dishcrawl Greenwich and Jesse!  We’ll see you there!

Yours in noming,

Dan and Kristien


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