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Ultimate Adventurous Dining Experience Dishcrawl Expands into Greenwich

2 Apr

Back in January, we told you about Dishcrawl starting up in New Haven.   We’re very excited to share that the same awesome experience is coming to Fairfield County in Greenwich.   Here’s the premise:

  • You buy a ticket for a “Dishcrawl” of four restaurants
  • 48 hours before the event you find out where you’re meeting
  • The rest of the Dishcrawl will be a surprise!
    • If that’s too much to handle, follow @dishcrawlgre or check them on FB for little hints
  • You try dishes at each restaurant
    • If you’re vegetarian, let Jesse Leeds-Grant, the Greenwich Dishcrawl Ambassador know at jessel@dishcrawl.com
  • You get to talk with chefs and owners
  • You learn new fun things and meet great new people
  • You eat so well that you begin to crawl.

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Chow Through 4 Restaurants in One Night with Dishcrawl New Haven!

31 Jan

Have you wanted to explore the restaurants in New Haven, but really haven’t had the time or you’re not sure where to start?  Look, we know…it’s overwhelming!  There are so many, so it could be difficult to find just one to dine at.  Well, boy do we have a nice solution to this problem:  a new culinary colossus startup that has just hit up New Haven, Dishcrawl.  Right now, there are Dishcrawlers in San Fran, NYC, Montreal, Ottawa, San Jose, Philly, DC, and even more places.

Dishcrawl New Haven’s goal is to help you to find, explore, and taste new restaurants in and around the Historic 9th Square District.  They’ll bring together a group of hungry nomers, then will visit four different restaurants in one night.  When you go from place to place, you’ll taste what makes the restaurant so great, and you’ll also get a chance to meet the chefs and owners.  Here’s the kicker, you won’t know which four restaurants will be participating until 48 hours before the event!  Why?  Because the point is being adventurous and trying new things!  We love it.  They will offer up some hints about where you might be going, though, on their Twitter account.

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