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Win 2 Tickets to PAWS Uncorked: A Taste for Rescue

21 Apr
Paws Uncorked banner

We’ll be there, so hope to see ya…

Update:  we used our favorite tool, Random Number Generator, and it picked a random winner:  Jessie Gilbert.  Thank you all for entering!

We told you earlier about PAWS Uncorked:  A Taste for Rescue and we even gave you a chance to get some discounted tickets with the code “OMNOM,” but now we’re back with a chance for you to win a pair of tickets.  Before we get there, here’s a recap:  PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) does an amazing job here in Connecticut.  They not only rescue homeless pets, but they also save them from pounds where they’d be euthanized.  They provide classes, host many adoption events, and are truly advocates for animals, giving voice to the voiceless.  To help them raise money for all the great things they do, they have created the 1st Annual PAWS Uncorked:  A Taste for Rescue event that’s happening on 4/27 from 5-8 pm at the Stamford Marriott.

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Get $10 off your PAWS Uncorked: A Taste for Rescue ticket

11 Apr
Paws Uncorked banner

Use “OMNOM” as your code to scratch a little off the cost…

Helping out PAWS ain’t so ruff, especially when they’ve just set up a code to scratch $10 bucks off the $45 price for a PAWS Uncorked (see our original post here) ticket.  All you need to do is click right here through to the registration page, then enter “OMNOM” (without the quotes of course, n00bs) in the space where it says Promo Code.  Here’s one catch:  you need to buy your tickets by 4/16/14.
Remember that the event is taking place on Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 5-8 pm at the Stamford Marriott and is a brand new fundraiser for PAWS .  They are the awesome people who help to rescue, protect, and find fur-ever homes for pets throughout Fairfield County.  As of 4/4, here’s the lineup of the great restaurants, bakeries, and vendors that are a part of this event…plus don’t forget that BevMax will be featuring whiskey, wine, and beer:

Paws Uncorked: Food, Wine, Beer, and Whiskey Tasting Par-tay to Benefit Homeless Pets

4 Apr
Paws Uncorked banner

Pop open some fun and check out Paws Uncorked on 4/27!

Since 1962, PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) has been rescuing and protecting our furry friends here in Connecticut.  Whether it’s rescuing and finding homes for homeless cats or dogs, or rescuing dogs from pounds where they’d be euthanized, PAWS is there to serve and protect.  In addition to all of this, they also host many adoption events, classes, and do even more for animals and the community.  Because PAWS is a non-profit and they do all these great things, of course they need funding and they do have great supporters…but every little bit helps.

Speaking of helping, check out PAWS Uncorked:  A Taste for Rescue on 4/27 from 5-8 pm at the Stamford Marriott!  Tickets are $45 in advance (buy them here) or $55 at the door.  A ticket gets you nomworthy tastings of food and drinks, a chance to shop around at vendors, and a shot at winning some great silent auction items.

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2 paws up: Pints for Pits at Greenwood’s Grille + Ale House in Bethel ft. Ommegang flights

9 Jan

Bully Breed Rescue Ommegang Greenwood's Grille Fundraiser

Drink up!  Greenwood’s Grille & Ale House in Bethel will be hosting Pints for Pits in order to help out the cute and furry puppies and dogs of Bully Breed Rescue of New Canaan.  When you arrive on 1/15 from 7-10 pm you’ll have the option of buying a drink ticket for $5 that will get you a pint but also also get BBR a portion of your purchase.  Also, you can get a flight of some of our favorite beer, Ommegang of Cooperstown, for just $8.  

Look, you’re gonna drink the beer anyway…why not let your addiction and gluttony count towards something good?  While you’re there, you can also buy some BBR merchandise and learn more about their amazing success stories.  

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Yoga, Summer Wine + Craft Beer Tastings at Bottlerocket of Westport this June

17 May
Bottlerocket Westport NYC Logo
Blogging ain’t easy, yo.  While we might have plans to only go out once or twice a week, sometimes events come up, or you’re invited to a special dinner.  And, sometimes the food or event is just too good to resist.  So, to get more tone and to be able to keep up with our lifestyle (don’t you feel sorry for us?), we began Power 90 with Mr. Tony Horton.  We’re halfway through the program and will be starting P90X pretty soon. In between that time, we’ll be building up more stamina with some running, preparing us to run Warrior Dash in September.  Rawwwrrrr!  Now, we mention this because one of the toughest (but oddly most relaxing) parts of Power 90 is the part of the stretch routine when you do yoga poses such as Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Plank, Warrior, and Crescent.  It’s amazing how tone we’ve become just from “simple” yoga poses.

Hipster + Dog Sanctioned: PBR for BBR Fundraiser at Burger Bar + Bistro – SoNo, CT

11 Sep

If you know anything about us here at OmNomCT, you know that:

  1. We are hipster-approved
  2. We love to show this by making fun graphics, especially Pabst Blue Ribbon cans with fancy mustaches
  3. We love doggies
  4. We love burgers
  5. We will help doggies in need, however we can

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Drink good beer, eat good food, rescue good doggies at Bull N’ Brew on May 19 in Wilton, CT!

15 Apr

Presenting the 2nd Annual Bull N’ Brew, poster by Eric Fritch

If you’re a doggie lover like us, the stories of Karuna Bully Rescue will have you all teary eyed. But, the good news is, you can do something to help by getting tickets to the awesome Bull N’ Brew event on May 19 in Wilton, CT.

Bugsy Malone, up for adoption. Click through to find out about him and to see more pics.

Why it’s important to help out: 

Annie spent most of her life in a family’s backyard, heavy chain around her neck, weighing her down.  Through rain, through snow, through sleet she stayed there.  Even through Hurricane Irene, she stayed there, chained up with no hope of ever seeing anything except the tiny backyard.  She was left there, to die, when the family moved…well, until Karuna Bully Rescue of New Haven, CT stepped in.  They took her in, got her all fixed up, and was able to adopt cute Annie out to a loving family.  See her rescue story here and check out her growth as a free loving doggy. Stories like these come to Karuna Bully Rescue  every day, and as you can see, being able to take in, foster, care for, and support rescues is no easy feat.

Jake, the Pit-uation, is up for adoption too! Click through to find out about him.

How you can help out:

Lucky for you, helping out is much easier than the job these wonderful people do every day. It’s as simple as stopping by on Saturday, May 19th at 6 pm at Ambler Farm in Wilton.  Tickets are $50 via PayPal to fosterfund@karunabully.org or $60 at the door.  And, all proceeds go towards Karuna Bully Rescue, too, so there’s no middle-man.  Just needy doggies getting what they need to be healthy, happy and 100% adoptable.And, it’s a win-win situation! You can look forward to live music from Tim Palmieri & Friends and Like Violet, wine, food from SUPER DUPER WEENIE, a silent auction, and a raffle.  And, beer.  What kind of event would Bull N’ Brew be without beer?  They will have local craft beer from Thomas Hooker (CT) and Blue Point Brewery (Long Island), as well as a keg of home brewed goodness.  They’ll be tapping “Pit Bull Slobber,” so you best be there to help empty that keg.

Please direct questions to info@karunabully.org and help these wonderful people and doggies out!

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